I started working as a cyber security professional: Here’s how I did it

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I started working as a cyber security professional: Here’s how I did it

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more industries and organisations had undergone numerous cyber attacks than ever. Resulting in a massive boost to the cybersecurity sector. To counteract these cyber threats and attacks companies are hiring cybersecurity professionals. This particular boost has generated a large number of employment opportunities. 

In the latest study conducted by ISC, it has been discovered that notwithstanding the economic pressure and the covid-19 pandemic the employment opportunities in this field have increased rapidly.

If you are keen to learn cyber security and pursue a successful career out of it then, this article will guide you through the entire procedure.

What is Cybersecurity?

The process that is involved in securing computer systems and computer networks from cyber attacks or threats is known as cybersecurity. Cyber attackers popularly known as hackers tend to disclose, destroy, steal and alter sensitive information from a computer system. Presently, numerous companies want to save their important and confidential information from these hackers. Therefore cybersecurity specialist is so much in demand.

How to establish a career in cybersecurity?

There are a few prerequisites for a Cyber Security Professional, those are enlisted below:

  • An individual who has obtained a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a similar field is eligible for this job.
  • Possess the knowledge of different computer coding languages like Java, Python, C++, Go and many more.
  • Is updated with the newest security trends and tactics used by hackers.
  • Must possess extensive knowledge regarding firewalls and other configurations of endpoint security.
  • And someone who has earned an online certificate from a cybersecurity training programme. 

Basic skills a cybersecurity specialist must possess

A cybersecurity online training course will embed the following essential skills in a cybercrime specialist:

  • Cyber security specialists must possess a technical aptitude and concentrate on every minute detail.
  • Should acquire the foundation of cyber forensics skills.
  • Should possess sufficient knowledge and understanding about the white hat or ethical hacking. Besides this, a specialist must be keen to comprehend more about the IT sector.
  • Must possess enough proficiency in securities that are used across different platforms.
  • Apart from these, a cybersecurity specialist must possess the art of solving issues.

Sectors which are in dire need of Cybersecurity Professional

There are various businesses and organisations which has started to comprehend the requirement of cybersecurity in the present-day scenario. Hence, they have started hiring more cybersecurity specialists. The sectors where there are ample job opportunities for a cybersecurity specialist are mentioned below:


  • Banking Sector-Banks use computer networks and the internet to perform their work. Therefore, this sector is always prone to cyber-attacks. Moreover, various banks got plenty of confidential information. And any bank has to face a huge loss if there is a breach of their sensitive information. 
  • Governmental Sector- government sectors immediately require cyber-security systems and specialists to save their sensitive and important information from any cyber warfare.
  • Health and care field- health care is another sector that is hiring new cyber security specialists to safeguard their essential data from getting exploited by hackers.
  • Law arena- many learned advocates are getting themselves trained with cyber security courses so that they can easily handle any case of a cyber breach. 



A career as a cybersecurity specialist is quite fruitful as it is a highly paid profession. This is because almost every company is hiring them to protect their sensitive information. Hence, there is an enormous demand for cybersecurity specialists.

Imarticus Learning offers a Postgraduate program in cybersecurity that can help you become a fully-armed cyber security expert. This program is guided by professionals who will impart knowledge of cybersecurity as well as ethical hacking. One will inculcate sufficient skills, experience and a degree from this online course that will help you to build a career as a cybersecurity specialist. 

Cyber security as a domain is very promising and full of career prospects. This is especially true with organisations always being under dormant and imminent threats. With hackers getting more creative, it is essential for companies to recruit cyber security professionals in order to safeguard their digital assets. A data loss or breach can lead to thousands or even millions of dollars worth of damages. This is why all kinds of firms are in dire need of cyber security professionals in this modern age.

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