How to Develop your Career as a Blockchain Developer

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If you're a newbie in the blockchain world or just looking to beef up your skillset, this post is for you. We'll go over what Blockchain developer does and how they can use their skills to earn more money.

What is the role of a blockchain developer?

  • A blockchain developer is a person who designs and constructs decentralized applications to implement the business logic of an organization.
  • Blockchain Developers are very skilled software developers who need to have excellent programming skills and be aware of many aspects of cryptography.
  • Blockchain developers' main task isn't creating an app for everyday money transfers between users - it's about creating apps meant to be used by large corporations, startups, developers, and investors.
  • Blockchain developer has skills that are a cross between an Ethereum engineer and a full-stack web developer.

Some Tips on How to Become a Blockchain Developer:

1) Learn Javascript

Most blockchain projects are in javascript or typescript. Learning the basics is a must for anyone looking to get into this space. So start learning javascript.

2) Learn to code full-stack

Developers will need to build end-to-end systems using React, Angular, Node.js, PostgreSQL, and web3.js to build decentralized applications.

3) Learn Gitlab CI/CD

If your team uses Gitlab CI/CD for development, it's good to get familiar with it to prepare yourself to contribute to it. It's also helpful in testing your projects. Although it's not very hard to learn, most devs will know it.

4) Get familiar with Web3.js and Truffle

Web3 is the most popular javascript library for ethereum development, so learning web3 will come in handy when working on decentralized applications (dapps). Truffle is another vital tool for development.

5) Get familiar with the development frameworks

If you want to be serious about blockchain dev, you should learn at least one central framework. These include Truffle, web3j (java), Quorum (Javascript), and neo-python (Python).

6) Get familiar with Cryptoeconomics

Cryptoeconomics is a mixture of crypto and economics, which determines the rules that guide the interaction between two parties. It includes cryptography, blockchain protocols, mechanism design theory, economic incentives, and game theory.

7) Get familiar with Developer tools for ethereum

Tools like Ganache and Meta mask are essential for testing decentralized applications. It is recommended you get familiar with them. If you want to be a successful developer in this space, these tools should already be part of your workflow.

8) Get familiar with IPFS and Swarm

These two protocols can use in most ethereum projects. If you want to be a developer, reviewing the documentation and getting familiar with their functions is good.

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