How to become an DevOps Engineer in 2022

DevOps engineer is one of the popular career options these days, especially using the Cloud. It is a collaboration or someone who has bridged the gap between developers and operational engineers. It is one of the highly paid jobs as well. 

People having good communication skills, multitasking ability, and are willing to collaborate with multiple teams are suitable to become DevOps engineers. So how does one become one? By understanding what it means, the responsibilities associated with it, and completing the necessary courses. 

What is a DevOps Engineer?

In an IT ecosystem, anyone who can deploy and manage the operations of an application from its development stage or production can be termed a DevOps Engineer. It is not a single designation but a collective term referring to many professional designations. 

Anyone with sound knowledge, experience, and passion for developing technologies and evolving practices can become a DevOps engineer. You just need to be up for the challenge of developing and deploying the software meant for its purpose. 

One of the emerging trends in this field is the opportunity to be a Cloud DevOps engineer. Here, the software development is mainly using web or cloud-based tools. They can access these tools from anywhere- on-premise or off-premise, concerning their location. 

On-premise refers to the office of the company and off-premise is anywhere other than the office. Either way, the purpose or responsibility here is to develop the application with continued delivery. 

What are the responsibilities?

The basic responsibilities of a DevOps engineer are to plan and execute the development, installation, test, and configure the application as needed. You will also be required to communicate the planning with the various teams concerned. Keeping abreast with the latest developments and updating the software according to the changes in the technology world are also part of the job profile. 

How to become a DevOps Engineer?

The most important step to be a DevOps engineer is to have a sound knowledge of 

  • Learn a programming language such as Java, Javascript, Python, etc. 
  • Understand different operating systems, mainly Linux
  • Learn different security and networking concepts like HTTP, FTTP, DNS, etc.
  • Organizing projects using a source code management
  • Know about automation tools
  • Understand cloud computing

Courses to be a DevOps Engineer

Since Cloud computing is the major highlight these days, it would be ideal to choose a certification course such as the Certification in Software Engineering for Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT offered by Imarticus, in association with IIT Guwahati.  

best software engineering coursesIt is a wonderful option that will be quite suitable for beginners and professionals equally. There is no need to have any experience in coding to be eligible for this course. 

Unlike the other courses of Certification in Software Engineering, apart from the usual live classes and interactive sessions, SCBI offers a 3-day immersion at the IIT campus.  

Why should you choose SCBI at Imarticus?

Imarticus connects you to the top academicians from the top institutions of the country and other countries. They provide proper guidance and mentoring to properly nurture you to become job-ready. 

The training, assessment, monitoring, mentorship, and project are all chosen well to help you gain the much-needed advantage over other candidates for the job opportunities. You will also be getting career support in all possible manners. 

At the same time completing this cloud-related course is highly significant to become a DevOps engineer but it is not the only or most important requirement. You must also fulfill the other requirements and develop some strong personal skills to be eligible and excel at the job. 

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