How Is an Investment Banking Certification Worth the Investment? A Comprehensive Guide to Investment Banking Certifications

Why opt for an investment banking certification?

What do investment bankers do?

If you aim to work in the finance sector, then you must’ve stumbled upon the question that what investment bankers do. Investment bankers deal with capital raising, mergers, and acquisitions advice given to government organisations, banks, Multinational companies, or corporations. They help people or organisations to raise capital.

Investment bankers also provide financial consultancy services. Investment bankers act as an intermediary between investors and security issuers. Since this has answered your question about what investment bankers do, let's step on to the next part where we will discuss how to become an investment banker.

How is investment banking certification worth the investment?

Investment bankers are the highest-paid personnel in the banking industry. This alone makes it worth getting an Investment Banking Certification. But if you are looking for additional perks, then there are other factors as well.

With more remuneration, comes higher competition. It requires intensive preparation and training that only a good Investment Banking Certification can provide. If you think that this is the field that you want to work in, then you can opt for online courses as well. It helps you to keep working while gaining your Investment Banking Certification.

An Investment Banking Certification ensures that you are aware of the market and its trends to be job-ready. It helps you to work in business and non-business fields for the core as well as relevant career paths in investment banking. With Investment Banking Certification, you can also get jobs related to areas like:

  • Equity research

  • credit analysis

  • Project Finance

  • Capital market

  • Portfolio management etc

Along with this, an Investment Banking Certification allows the learners to gain a diverse understanding of the practical applications and ideas of finance through a well-designed curriculum. You also get to work on real-world projects which helps you in real-world situations.

Online Investment Banking courses help you to adopt a more flexible structure which helps you to boost your existing career. It increases your overall competency and may even lead to promotion. It increases your earning potential and is a sure way to rapid career growth.

You also get to work on how experts assist organizations, businesses, and people with the management and growth of their financial assets.

Any Investment Banking Certification also helps you to aid the companies to make informed choices that are relevant to an investment in their firms’ assets that increases the value of their capital.

A Comprehensive Guide to Investment Banking Certifications

1. Subjects

Under a proper Investment Banking Certification, you get to learn topics like:

  • Principles of Management and organizational behaviour

  • Business Analysis tools

  • Quantitative Techniques for Management

  • Total quality management

  • Industrial project management

  • Purchasing and procurement management

  • Management Information systems

  • Business Environment and Ethics

  • Managerial Economics Supply chain management

  • Information technology

  • Project Management and Documentation

  • Corporate communication

  • Strategic management

  • Human resources management

  • Enterprise resource and planning

2. Eligibility

To become an investment banker, you need to have little experience in the finance sector. The eligibility criteria for the Investment Banking Certification are:

  • Freshers with 0-3 years from non-STEM fields with a background in Finance and business management streams.

  • Applicants with a justified gap of up to 1 year can also apply for the certification.

Why choose Imarticus Learning for Investment Banking Certification?

Imarticus Learning offers the flagship certified investment banking operations professional course in live online training mode. The classes are offered on weekdays and weekends for the ease of learning that varies if you are working or not. We have collaborations with over 500+ companies for a secured chance of placement with around a 60% average salary hike. The Investment Banking Certification course has enabled over 40,00 placements.

The Investment Banking Certification course includes topics such as:

  • Introduction to financial markets

  • Trade life cycle

  • Risk management

  • Financial markets

  • Regulatory environment

Along with this, you also get benefits like:

  • Career support- Here you will get placement support such as placement preparation, mock interviews, and resume-building sessions.

  • Our expert faculty delivers our robust curriculum using hands-on training methods. You get constant support for your learning experience with an interactive module.

  • With this Investment Banking Certification, you get to implement what you've learned with real-world projects. You also understand how to solve business problems and case studies specially formulated by our industry partners.

This industry-approved program is best for learners who have around 3 years of experience in the industry. This Investment Banking Certification helps you to boost your career with a 100% job guarantee.

Our alumni work at:

  • Citibank

  • Capgemini

  • BNP Paribas

  • Bank of America

  • Genpact

  • Stanley Morgan

  • Goldman Sachs

  • UBS

  • RBS

  • J.P Morgan

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