How I went through a hundred investment banking courses and got a placement

Investment Banking Course

Investment banking courses are one of the most sought-after courses in recent times. The courses help students gain knowledge of financial markets, risk management, stock evaluation, and much more. Such courses can be pursued as full-time degrees or certifications. Investment banking courses are merit-based and require clearing national-level exams to be eligible for the course. 

A career in investment banking is chosen because of its high salary, abundant opportunities for networking, and the ability of a highly visible role in a company’s success. 

Top 4 reasons why I chose an investment banking course -

Multiple career options 

This course opens up a lot of career paths for an individual because there is a lot of scope in the financial industry. It opens up avenues such as banking, consulting, stock market analysis, and fund management. One can either apply for jobs at well-known MNCs or work with the government as a financial advisor as well. 

Knowledge of personal investments

This kind, of course, will provide you with detailed insights into finance and how to manage personal investments. It helps you make better financial decisions and gets you to identify profitable investment schemes. It teaches one to save money in a strategic manner and invest it smartly so that one gets the best returns and secure a better future for themselves. In short, it provides you with financial markets training.

Boost your long-term career prospects

Starting your career with a job role in the sector will help you boost your long-term career goals no matter which industry you want to join later. Having worked with a reputed bank or financial institution, your work experience will grow exponentially thereby boosting your chances of getting a job in any industry. Also, it will be easier for you to join other companies in similar domains where you might be highly rewarded for your experience. 

Travelling internationally and working abroad

If you are someone who wants to experience the exposure of working abroad, then this can be your dream course. Investment banking is a field that opens up the option for international travelling as well as building a career abroad. This is usually on a graduate’s career bucket list because there are various benefits of working abroad and it provides you an idea of international financial market workings. One can easily apply for jobs in London, New York, Singapore, and other places after cracking various exams and fulfilling the other requirements. 

How I selected the best Investment banking program and got a placement - 

Investment banking courses are merit-based and require intense preparation to be able to crack the required exams. I had very basic level skills in analytical thinking, verbal communication, decision-making, and problem-solving. I genuinely needed to upgrade my skills so as to gain in depth knowledge and understanding of the nuances of financial decisions to get better at this course. I had to seriously amplify my preparations to be able to take national-level exams like CAT, SAT, XAT, GMAT, and NMAT. 

There are many such investment, banking, and finance courses available that one can enrol in to help you go through the entire course within the stipulated time. But these are hardly effective because they neither provide proper guidance or training nor uplift the skill set. They do not help with placements as well. 

The investment banking course is a career-oriented program that will keep you on the right track when helped by professionals in this field. Expert help can guide you through in-depth knowledge of the subject, help identify your mistakes, and also help secure placements at the end of the course. 

After going through several such programs, I finally selected the CIBOP program (Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional) by Imarticus which is an investment banking course with placement

It accepts graduates in commerce and finance like me with 0-3 years of experience and provides nearly 180 hours of industry-specific intense training sessions. They facilitate classroom and online training along with enhancing job-related skills. 

This course helped me gain a thorough knowledge of financial markets, risk management, and stock valuation. They also helped me gain industry-accepted certificates along with a guarantee of job interviews. I secured a job in the investment banking domain under their guidance. Therefore, this can be your dream program if you want to pursue a course in investment and banking.


Courses in investment and banking help you to keep up with today’s job market trends. It opens up several avenues for lucrative jobs and prospective career growth. They also provide you with detailed knowledge in the field of finance that can be put to day-to-day use easily. Some students take up these courses for personal growth and some for a settled career abroad. Various courses have now come up with sure-shot placement opportunities thereby giving your resume an edge over others in terms of skills, experience, and growth. 

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