How I Accelerated My Career With A Certification In Finance And Technology

How I Accelerated My Career With A Certification In Finance And Technology

The fintech industry is transforming the finance world. We use these techs almost every day. For example, mobile fund transfers and payments through digital wallets. Digital-only banks, Robotic process automation, and increased use of blockchain processes in banks are some of the latest trends. The use of AI and ML in banking processes and biometric systems are some o the latest Fintech trends. According to some experts, the fintech industry is expected to be worth almost US$ 5 trillion industry.

Thus, for someone looking for a career in finance, understanding fintech is becoming more of a necessity than just a value addition. This is what I felt after following the growth of fintech. Being in finance for the last few years, all I have been noting is how financial services have changed after the advent of fintech. Whether it's credit, insurance, investments, or crypto - fintech is dominating the entire finance and BFSI sector. That is when I decided to go for structured learning about fintech.

Professional Fintech Certification Course

As I was looking for a certification course, I wanted something that adds value not only to my learning and knowledge but also to my professional achievements. That's when I came across the certification course in Finance and Technology by Imarticus Learning.

Before discussing my experience, I would like to share some brief insights about the course. It is a fintech online training course that covers all modern industry trends. It allows you to study the latest Fintech trends like API, Blockchain, AI and ML, IoT, etc. The course has modules that top industry partners have designed. Some of them are PWC, Rise Mumbai, BTA, etc. But the whole course has been designed in collaboration with SP Jain School of Global Management. It's a prominent management school in India.

The course has two formats: a Core version and a Pro version. The former is a course of 3 months covering 100 hours of fintech learning. It offers a broad spectrum overview of various industry-related topics. The latter offers overall in-depth training with individual mentors covering 140 hours of fintech online training. The Pro version allows you to become an expert in the payment and lending domain.

The course is a combination of academic and practical learning in all these revolutionary technologies. A Fintech project is also given where one has to propose a practical Fintech solution for a simulated business problem. The exam is based on an open book system where one has to put on his thinking hat. One has to think, analyse and present an elegant Fintech solution in the capacity of a business decision-maker. The course lays the groundwork for creating potential business CXOs in the future.

My Experience

I first decided to go for the CORE module. I already took insights about the course and their experience from the previous batch of students. And let me tell you, I have even completed my certification for the Pro module.

The faculties themselves were experienced leaders from the fintech world. What sets this course apart from the other courses is the Project - Paradigm Shift. Every participant in this course is required to work on an innovative project that has the potential to bring a paradigm shift in business operations. It requires us to apply the learnings we gained during the entire course. Some of the best projects developed are even hosted on the website of Imarticus Learning.

In the end, we need to clear an application-based final exam. It requires us to apply our academic learning and experience during a real-world business simulation. It tests our decision-making ability whereby we assume the role of a CXO. It is not a theory-based exam but requires us to use our analytical and intuitive skills blended with our knowledge and experience.

After completing my course, I joined one of the prominent companies in the fintech space. The learnings I got from this course are now what I implement in my job role. Rarely do we find a course that is a perfect blend of academics and practical learning. The fintech online training and certification program offered by Imarticus Learning is one such program that offers deep insights into the fintech world while offering the opportunity to implement the knowledge as well.

Key Takeaways

If one is a student aspiring to launch his career in Finance in the burgeoning Fintech field, one cannot go far wrong by selecting this course which is avant-garde in the course content and choice of academic partners. Doing the Professional Certification course in Fintech from Imarticus Learning can provide a big career boost for a potential Fintech student.

Visit Imarticus Learning to understand all about the Certification course in Fintech. Contact us through chat support, or drive to our training centres in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, or Ahmedabad.

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