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Angular Js tutorial

AngularJS used for dynamic web applications is a structural framework offering enterprise solutions. This hybrid JavaScript/ HTML framework simplifies building web apps against REST’s web services. It also allows the extension of HTML’s syntax while expressing the components in your application and executing the angular js tutorial.

Why AngularJS is Popular

AngularJS is the latest trending technology because of its features that include
Security: Enterprises are focused on data security, distributors and sales teams and easy access to their channels. Angular offers complete enterprise security solutions for businesses and processes.
Declarative User Interface: AngularJS uses HTML to define the UI of the app. The Angular UI is intuitive, declarative, and less convoluted. You need not worry about what loads first or program flows.
Integration: Third-party features are easily integrated with AngularJS which has inbuilt integration in frameworks like Wijmo, Ionic, Telerik’s Kendo UI,, and others.
Data Binding: The two-way binding in AngularJS is just another advertised feature.
Needs less Coding: This is great for developers!
Easy Testing: JavaScript codes have to follow a series of tests. Remember that JavaScript is not compiled but dynamic and interpreted.
The easy tutorial
Here is an easy angularjs tutorial. The steps are simple and intended to help you get started with AngularJS.
Step1: Study the conceptual overview. Get a clear understanding of the AngularJS vocabulary and the AngularJS components.
Step-2: Complete the AngularJS Tutorial. Use a node.js web server and take the tests on building an application. This should help you learn the features in AngularJS while setting up the development environment.
Step-3: Use the Github resource to clone/download the Seed App template for projects.
This helps you with the directory layout, scripts to begin building your application and the test harness.
Step-4: Further tasks.
A. Watch Videos on
• Introduction to AngularJS
• Creating Directives
• Communicating with Servers
B. Use the YouTube channel for more AngularJS tutorials and video presentations.
C. Subscribe to
• Subscribe to the community mailing list where you can ask if you have doubts and questions.
• Follow on Twitter.
• Add AngularJS to your circles on Google .
D. Read and reread.
Read the AngularJS Developer Guide covering basics and concepts. Also, read the API Reference for Angular’s usage and syntax.
AngularJS runs on HTML and uses the JavaScript framework enhancing performance in HTML. To start the AngularJS operations you must have an HTML page with three things.
1) Loading angular.js: You will need to use the local disk or a CDN like Cloudflare CDNjs to load the angular.js file. You can also download the angular.min.js file and put it on the server. This version 1.4.2 of AngularJS is currently in use and releases in the 1.x series expected. You can use the latest version.
2) Add ng-app: Next move to adding ng-app to one of the elements of HTML on the page. This element and everything in it becomes a part of the AngularJS code and can be added to the HTML element, division or body.
3) Add an AngularJS expression: There are various elements in AngularJS which means an expression code is snipped and wrapped in {{ }}. It contains JavaScript expressions in the form of a limited set.
The popularity of AngularJS has made it a popular language to learn and work in for developers. Keeping in mind that the developers are highly paid and never have to search for jobs Angular.js is definitely the way to go in enterprise solutions. Angular brings awesome benefits to developers in web application development and its popularity shows it is here to stay. One must change with technology when technology changes rapidly as it does in current times. Do a course with an angularjs tutorial at the reputed Imarticus Learning where technical skills and soft-skills are honed to make you career ready from day one.
Angular is a very dynamic, popular and has a great track record of being adapted by the enterprises. To build complete enterprise-solutions one must go beyond the feature- collection. You can transform businesses by leveraging AngularJS’ advantages. The angularjs tutorial is very helpful to start learning and install Angular.
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