How Can You Get a Certified Scrum Master Certification?

In today’s world producing and delivering of market-ready products within short time cycles is imperative to maintain the competitive edge. Scrum practice is all about rapid feedback, continuous collaboration, communication, and team-contribution to readily adapt to change and thus include the best user-experiences. A CSM job role is not a technical role and is more about helping your team focus on Scrum values in achieving the Agile principles enshrined in the Sprints. It definitely needs great interpersonal skills, courage to give constructive feedback and commitment to the framework and its principles to continuously lead the team to success even though you are not authoritatively placed in the Manager’s role.
Most freshers, IT professionals and those who want to enter this field rely on a scrum master certification course for better job prospects, salary increases and job satisfaction. It definitely is a great career where you can showcase your skills in project management, team skills, knowledge of Scrum and the entire gamut of non-transferable skills without harping on them.

Here Are The Essential Steps to Get Scrum Master Certification

  • Step 1- Begin with knowledge of Scrum/Agile methods:
    Though recent, Agile and Scrum are methodologies that are constantly evolving with use. Being widely applied in the changing technological scenario of today one needs to understand the fundamentals, the pitfalls, the benefits etc of other methods to really gain from the use of this methodology. The more you read, the quicker you appreciate the simplicity and pluses of this framework.


  • Step 2- Experience a Scrum Course:
    Books on the subject by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber are highly recommended by experts to get the best insights into the subject as well as some practical applications to projects, organizations and team-work.
    The CSM course is normally a 16-hour session at any reputed institute like Imarticus and others. In addition to this, you may need to put in 10-12 hours of dedicated learning to practice and imbibe the concepts, methodology and techniques.


  • Step 3- Get certified:
    On course completion, you will be permitted to take the CSM exams online. The scrum master certification exams are generally of the objective type and test your knowledge on applying your learning to practical industry-relevant situations. You must get 24 right answers out of 35 questions. Two attempts are allowed free of cost.
    It does take around 8-10 months to gain a job-ready understanding and certification that prepares you well. Prepare well and if possible volunteer for internships to help gain more practical skills and knowledge regarding the industrial scenarios and verticals, how to function in cross-functional teams and get some mentorship regarding whatever doubts you may have.


  • Step 4- Gain entry to the real-time industry with certification:
    Real-time application of your knowledge can only start once you get an opportunity to apply your learning at a job or internship. The learning will help give you complete knowledge, while Scrum Certification will help set you apart and ready to demonstrate your skills.


  • Step 5- Begin your practice of leadership CSM role:
    The CSM role has no managerial authority. It has to do more with helping teams achieve success without being in such authority. It is your testing grounds for roles in both technical and other role types.


  • Step 6- Practice being an efficient SM:
    This step is all about practice and more practice until Scrum becomes second nature to you.


  • Step 7- Stick with Scrum framework rules to gain experience: There really should be no bending or deviations from the framework and it is your job to implement in Toto Scrum values.

Advantages of Doing a Scrum Master Certification Course

1. Your interest is a prerequisite qualification: There are no pre-requisite qualifications for the course. Your interest should lie in learning and equipping yourself in Scrum values.
2. The curriculum is global: Through Instructor-delivered16-hours of classes in the classroom, in a virtual online mode where one-to-one interaction flourishes you learn all about the Scrum framework. The CSM Course has lots of hands-on and complete learning of concepts and practical use of information.
3. Certification helps transform your resume and career: A well-accepted certification means bettering your employability. Certifications are widely accepted in the industry because it is a benchmark and establishes the fact that you have practical implementation skills of your learning. Your portfolio is enhanced by real-time industry-relevant project work.
4. Convenient time and cost factors: With a choice of modes like virtual 1-on-1 online classes, interactive classroom sessions and both weekday 3 hrs/day or weekends 2hrs/day batches even the employed can upgrade their skills. Of course, you will need to study a total of 10 to 12 hours per week. But, you can use your smartphone/ Windows computer (Dual core, 4 GB RAM, Linux/ Mac OS X/ Windows) and a good internet connection to access the vast online libraries and classes even on the go.
5. Gain experience from the aces: Your tutors, mentors and trainers are industry-experts, certified and able to teach you the best tricks, techniques and practices. Gain from their experience.
6. The comprehensive course learning: In this workshop, you imbibe information about Scrum values, roles, fundamentals and more.
7. Key takeaways and freebies: Most institutes offer you get the best value for your money. This includes
• Downloadable course materials.
• Free access to libraries.
• Boot-camps to quick-learn the fundamentals if required.
• Online support and mentoring in future projects.
• Invaluable peer interaction, hands-on practice, monitoring of progress, mentoring and real-time relevant knowledge to holistically enhance your skills.
• Scrum Certification preparation, many practice assignments and mandatory project-work.
9. Evolve job-ready from day one! If you are a fresher there is no better way to be job-prepared by doing a course. It is also the easiest way for professionals to add-on capabilities and hones practical skills in futuristic technologies.
In Conclusion
Doing your Scrum Certification through a reputed institute like Imarticus helps get you a foothold in the industry. A scrum master certification course helps in augmenting your knowledge, managing projects, delivering products on time, and improving team performances in a fast-paced business world, where the significance of your certification provides you with the right tools to excel in performing and getting others to perform as well.

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