How Automation is improving Employee Experience in Investment Banking Operations?

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Automation is not a distant dream anymore. Most of the industries already started using automation to reduce the human workforce, reduce the workload on the human workforce and make the regular repetitive activities more efficient.

best investment banking course with placement in IndiaThe investment banking sector also stepped in to explore the world of automation and how they can utilize it.

When you are looking for an Investment Banking Career, you should know how automation impacts it. Relevant investment banking courses can provide you the knowledge you need.

Investment banking is one of the most rewarding careers however this industry demands long working hours, sometimes till late-night and also on weekends. In spite of efforts from banks, this scenario hasn’t changed a lot. As a solution, many banks started implementing automation to reduce the workload for their employees.

The advantage is that automation has convinced more banks to implement automation in the maximum possible areas.

In recent days, what many companies are preferring are citizen-led automation programs. Citizen-led automation or citizen automation basically enables a non-technical user or a user with limited technical expertise to create simple automation for themselves or their department as needed. This automation feature proved to be extremely beneficial for the bank and their employees, which is the true essence of automation.

With the help of citizen-led automation, the employees are now capable of using low-code tools and they have the basic knowledge of building automation to perform many of their day-to-day activities. The bright side of automation doesn’t end here.

Employees can automate many of their tasks which are otherwise very difficult and time-consuming when performed manually. Through extensive use of automation, employees are empowered to focus on higher-value tasks for the banks which they were not able to pay much time and attention to before automation, thereby causing benefits to the bank like never before.

Banks demand authenticity in their operation. Many banks still doubt the authenticity of automation programs. There exists a common perception among many banks that these citizen-led automation programs are not worth investing in. However, reality speaks otherwise.

Within any industry including banks, there are hundreds of activities that are repetitive in nature and still performed manually. There’s no point in investing in dedicated teams to perform all these activities when all these tasks can be automated.

Equipped with citizen development, employees are building automation and front-office teams are freeing themselves from hundreds of hours previously spent on repetitive tasks. Below, a few cases from the investment banking sector, which are getting automated or can be automated.

Prepare trading reports: Automation bots prepare reports with charts and trading elicited from 3rd party data providers and send them to analysts.

Preparing presentations: Automation bots help build presentations by adding dates and titles, comparable company metrics, market performance charts, and other relevant data points.

Generating public information books: Bots pull company details, press releases, research, and news articles from various sources and merge them into a single PDF document.

Consolidating working group lists: Bots navigate across multiple applications to assemble relevant client information and input it into a formatted document that the team can use further.

Formatting earnings models: Bots work across various worksheets to transfer data from prior quarters into the current quarter’s data and prepare earnings releases.

Handling workflow change requests: When the bankers request workflow changes every time they are to start working on a new project. But an automated bot accommodates changed workflow requirements easily.


Considering the extreme workload in the investment banking industry, automation is a sign of hope. Slowly investment banks are inclining more and more towards automation.

If you are building an investment banking career and considering taking the best investment banking course with placement in India, you may need to pay attention to automation as well because automation is the future.

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