Foresight 2022: Reasons why you should consider an Executive Program in Investment Management from IIM Calcutta

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Foresight 2022: Reasons why you should consider an Executive Program in Investment Management from IIM Calcutta

Reports, trends, and forecasts for 2022 believe that there will be the destruction of productive assets and disruptions in the supply of food and basic materials arising out of more frequent and more severe weather disruptions.

The middle-East, East European, and Asia-Pacific regions will continue to have pockets with escalations in conflict.  Enforcement of discarding fossil fuel usage, accelerated adoption of technologies, especially after the widespread use of IT and communication technologies during the pandemic, will reign.

Over-riding the impact of these and others, there will be a surge in the post-pandemic led labor upskilling and building of productive capacities.

Forecasts based on the cumulative effect of all these are a modestly higher global growth and two-sided inflationary risk. In such a scenario, investment markets are likely to yield low returns. Yet there are likely to be opportunity windows for measured risk-taking and harvesting good returns. This will call for looking beyond the traditional classes of assets and yet hedging risks.

The role of the investment banker, analyst, and advisor with capabilities of attunement to market, keen attention, and skill of active asset allocation assumes great importance for investors. Future 2022 is for trained, skilled, reliable investment bankers, and advisors.

The IIM Calcutta Executive program in investment management, commencing from April 2022, is designed to specifically impart this essential banking knowledge and skills to you.

The course adds to your banking knowledge and skills

The IIM Investment Banking course equips you with solid knowledge of the ethics and regulations of investment banking and capital markets, studying the most recent developments in regulation and compliance in capital markets.

You get to work with quantitative tools and real-life, current case studies that you dissect, analyze, and strategize. These practical applications of subjects taught, imbibe cutting-edge, in-demand technical and managerial skills aid an effective understanding of the subject matter.

You gain insights into Investment Banking, Equity Research, Credit Analysis, Financial Analysis, Project Finance, Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, IPO, etc.

You are equipped for Future 2022

The IIM Calcutta Capital market course gives you an understanding of the nuances of the markets that include complex financial assets like Derivatives and Fixed Income securities. You are skilled to look in-depth into the capital market trading place wherein individuals and corporates indulge in buying and selling of investment securities. 

The program trains you to function as an analyst, portfolio manager, and relationship manager, assessing the performance of these assets and helping your customer with smart investment decisions.

The IIM Calcutta Investment Banking and Capital Markets course enable you to also function as a consultant applying your acquired expertise for taking smart investment decisions for mergers and acquisitions, equity market, credit, and IPO analysis.

You emerge from the program with a 360-degree view of the entire landscape of financial services that propel your career to great heights in the fast-moving global financial environment.

Asset for all times - IIM Calcutta Certificate

IIM Calcutta is globally long recognized as the leader in the Finance discipline. It has been attracting the top investment bankers every year. Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Fortis, Lehman Brothers, Barclays Capital, UBS, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, HSBC, Citigroup, and ABN AMRO have all relied on IIM Calcutta for finance personnel.

Your certificate from IIM Calcutta validates your skill, competency and underlines your future readiness in Investment Banking and Capital Markets, opening avenues for immense career growth on a global platform.

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