Fintech Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here's How!

It is often said that, “Wealthy is a man who knows how to invest”. In today's time, it cannot be more relevant! As many prices soar higher, we look at more ways of getting richer. It's not just a job that can provide us the financial resources. Investing is a formidable option to make those extra bucks! Who says investing is only for the affluent? Read on and be amazed!
In today's time, investing has gone digital. With disruptive technologies like blockchain technology, cryptocurrency is the new money mine that you may be looking for!
Fintech, a game-changer in financial transactions and services, is the umbrella of all financial technologies that carry out financial operations, seamlessly over the internet.
Thanks to blockchain technology, investing in shares online is a safe and reliable option.
The blockchain technology makes use of the concept of a chain of blocks that are made available like that of a public spreadsheet, which can be accessed from any device. The blocks are all inter-related and the chain updates itself automatically, every ten minutes. The system is very robust and transparent. It is used by BitCoin, a cryptocurrency. A 'cryptocurrency' is 'encrypted' for protection and can be thought of as value or money that we transact online.
If used well, Fintech will make you rich. Here's how!
Fintech, short for financial technology, is a new haven for investors and venture capitalists alike.
Using financial technology that is innovative and robust helps investors keep track of their shares effectively. We now have robo-advisors that are ready to give seasoned advice on investments, using specialized, high- speed and accurate algorithms.
There are plenty of applications that help in fetching data real-time, calculating and assessing the market and its potential.  Artificial intelligence, deep learning and data analytics power fintech into a hot spot for investments.
There are potentially big opportunities that fintech courses has to offer. There are large areas untouched by it, which can create a demand in the future. As more emphasis is laid on customer experience and ease of use, the industry is poised to grow elegantly and reach as many users as possible.


The payment sector is ever growing and investing here is a very safe option with reliable returns. The sector is expected to grow further. One can also invest in the mobile and internet banking sector as this area has a huge potential, especially since, in many developing countries people are moving towards fintech. Yet another area swept away by the charm of fintech, is the insurance sector.
It is an always in-demand market with no potential pitfalls. Customers meet their insurance needs easily and get instant risk and crisis management advice. Not only this, but even the traditional financial institutions like the banks and willing to collaborate with the financial technology industry. So, it's a win – win situation! Being a shareholder or having equity in early-stage start-ups is a good idea too! It's a thriving international market. After all, you invest in ideas and talent.
Marketplace peer to peer lending is very popular these days. One can make money by lending funds in the marketplace. And plenty of companies are raising money through crowdfunding for social causes.
India is not too far in catching up with this bandwagon. Hundreds of startups and even the big companies are working towards changing the landscape of finance and giving the economy a huge impetus, at the very centre of the financial ecosystem. 'IndiaStack', a set of APIs provides an opportunity for both government and businesses to build tech products enabling smooth payments services.
The Unified Payments Interface (UPI), a payment system that is part of IndiaStack is used for instant fund transfer over mobiles. Even WhatsApp and TrueCaller are all set to become platforms for lending and borrowing instant money.  All this points to a rich ecosystem of financial technology investment in India. Go ahead! Happy investing!

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