Financial Services - A world of opportunity

This blog is an attempt to share with you the world of opportunity that awaits those interested in pursuing a career in the financial services space. So without further ado, let’s jump right in and explore the courses in finance in India and how they are helping shape a new generation knowledge work force.
Finance professionals of today are spoilt for choice and have a plethora of finance courses that are available to them, however the market is flooded with MBA's and long term courses. Students today are actively enrolling themselves while in college in various finance courses in an attempt to make the smooth transition from campus to corporate. Its imperative to understand that there is a new age courses available in financial services range from Banking to Capital Markets to Courses in Investment Banking to Financial Modelling and then supplemented by the proven track record of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) to Risk Management certification.
With the financial services industry gaining traction there is renewed interest in banking courses given the advent of new banks, payment banks and NBFCs’. Not be left behind is the ITES services industry in which financial services command the lion’s share.
The ITES Industry has evolved rapidly from being a services provider to being a partner in progress & is in cornerstone of major initiatives across financial services. Given the changing landscape, cut throat competition, ever increasing regulatory requirements and pressure on margins and revenue, India is perfectly placed to make the most of the current situation that is showing up in the developed world. This had been largely aided with the mushrooming of niche training institutes that offer specialized courses like financial modeling course, investment banking operations, equity research certification amongst others.
The first thing that aspirants need is to understand their area of interest and inherent strengths. Those seeking a career in financial services would do well to understand their inherent strengths, the various finance courses available to them and seek input and advice from professionals who have already mark a mark in the said field. One should be aware of the demands of the job, the timings, and the ability to communicate well with onshore client (assuming they are catering to international client).
For instance, for someone who is good with analytical abilities and has an excellent academic scores courses like CFA, Risk Management, Financial Modeling & Equity Research could help them
make a mark in the chosen niche space.
Once the choice is made, it always helps to have an overview of the courses of all streams as this help connect the dots, understand the landscape and give a peek into the universe of financial services. Courses could be classroom sessions, online courses or a blend of both. Online financial courses offer the benefit of completing the course at their chosen time and can be paced given that most participants are students or professional with one to four years of experience and at the start of their career.
So all you guys who are dreaming of a career or looking to forward their financial services space, the courses that I mentioned above will help you up skill yourself and make you valuable to your employer and at the same time helping you add value to the job at hand given the learning’s and insights of the courses. The question is you willing to take the leap of faith, commit to disciplined learning and invest in yourself?

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