Don’t join an investment banking course till you don’t read this

Don’t join an investment banking course till you don’t read this

To understand and learn investment banking, we must understand the underwriting process. An underwriting process essentially involves raising capital for a company or any institution. This helps a company secure mergers and acquisitions with another company or an organization. Thus, the whole objective of the Investment banking process is to provide financial advisory services to governments, companies, and institutions.

Important Services Provided by an Investment Banking Firm

Listed below are the three critical services provided by an investment bank firm to organizations and companies:

  • Presenting financial models to demonstrate the costs and benefits of a merger or acquisition.
  • Investigating certain companies or industries to identify potential clients and finding new enterprises to aid them.
  • Assisting businesses in raising capital through equity or debt offerings for an IPO or any such purpose.

People can learn Investment banking to advance their careers in the corporate financial world. The investment banking industry has seen rapid growth in recent times. Therefore, the global demand for courses related to this specific niche is increasing.

Why Take an Investment Banking Course?

A certified investment banking course will pave the way for a successful investment banking career. A professional course will prepare you for various job responsibilities that include.

  • Applying a general understanding of investment banking exercises and mechanisms.
  • Learning about the essential, hypothetical, and calculated tools used in investment banking.
  • Learning the art of financial analysis- required to value, plan, and efficiently close transactions.
  • Providing strategic counsel to your clients while working under duress.
  • Setting up and comprehending the sources of capital for financial transactions that take place in mergers or acquisitions.
  • Examining how corporate administration, morals, and legal considerations play a role in investment banking deals.

The dedicated professional course programs in investment banking train you in various investment areas across multiple industries. The skill set gained from these courses enables you to master the art of investment. Furthermore, these beneficial courses teach you about practical real-life earning strategies through investment.

You only need a bachelor's degree and work experience to work in the field of investment banking. Though not required, finance, accounting, business administration, or a mathematics degree can give you an advantage. Fortunately, you can also take some certification courses.

Professional courses from reputable organizations serve as indicators of your subject expertise. They enhance your practical and technical skills required for the job. A banking certification course, such as investment banking, will familiarise you with the fundamental banking practices. They also help you prepare for the job market by improving your interpersonal communication, time management, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities.

Different roles as an Investment banker

Investment banking is a vast field, and therefore an investment banker needs to perform various roles. These roles depend on your qualification, experience and the demands of the organization.

  • Underwriting: An investment banker working as an underwriter helps organisations and governments raise capital through issuing equity and debt securities.
  • Mergers and Acquisition: An investment banker provides strategic guidance to companies in deals related to the merger or acquisition of another company.
  • Equity research: This is an essential role of an investment banker. They perform research and prepare reports to facilitate the trading of securities.
  • Asset management: Investment bankers manage large portfolios and advice their clients on the right mix of financial instruments such as bonds, equity, etc.

Advantages of a Career in Investment Banking

A career as an investment banker is considered by many as the apex job in the financial world. Pursuing Investment banking opens up doors to immense career growth and financial experience such as:

Excellent Salary: Investment bankers are among the world's highest-paid professionals. They can earn a monthly salary in the seven figures. Investment banking professionals with average credentials typically make 20 to 40% more than the median salary.

Promotions: The technical and practical skills gained through specialised certifications help you to advance to top positions inside corporations and private equity organizations. Furthermore, you will be able to work in one of the world's most prestigious companies.

Money Management Skills: Working as an investment banker can help you master the art of managing and investing money. These two skills go a long way in securing you financially. These skills also prepare you to tackle financial crunch in your personal life.

Where Can I Find Certified Investment Banking Courses?

Many well-known banking institutions offer internships as part of their summer programs. These tenures can range from 3 months to a year, depending on your work progress. On-the-job training and practical exposure will give you an advantage in investment banking.

Look for opportunities to speak with employers at recruitment events and learn about an investment banking organization's work process and culture. Virtual meetings can also be helpful in this regard. Maintain strong connections with professionals in your field. Speak with as many experts as possible, and broaden your knowledge base. This exercise will assist you in maintaining your level of excellence at work.

Still not sure what to do? Many ed-tech platforms and organizations are offering certified investment banking courses with placement. One such amazing platform is Imarticus Learning. It offers a certified investment banking operations program that focuses on teaching job-related skills and comes with a job assurance. To know more about the program, visit our website or reach out to us through chat support. You can even meet us in person at our training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, or Ahmedabad.

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