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ACCA stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. The course currently has over 6,00,000 students and 2,00,000 members. The ACCA exams and courses are conducted in over 180+ countries.

The ACCA exam is considered the world's largest professional accounting qualification. Students looking for a successful career in accounting by working abroad opt for the ACCA course.

ACCA qualification in India is equivalent to a CA qualification. The ACCA professionals in India receive a salary ranging from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.25 lakhs per annum. This article will discuss the 9 ACCA exam papers and the subjects they cover.

ACCA Syllabus

There are a total of 14 ACCA exams. The Fundamental level alone includes 9 ACCA exams (F1-F9). You should pass 5 ACCA exam papers at a professional level to get the ACCA certification.

This includes the mandatory papers P1 and P2 and two of the optional papers from P3 to P6. Every year, there are 4 paper exams to test the knowledge and skills for ACCA exams. In addition, based on the demand, certain papers will be available for computer-based ACCA exams.

The compulsory courses are as follows:

  • P1- Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

  • P2-¬† Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

The optional courses are as follows:

  • P3- Advanced Financial Management (AFM

  • P4- Advanced Performance Management (APM)

  • P5- Advanced Taxation (ATX)

  • P6- Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

ACCA Certificate

Fundamental level courses for ACCA exams

This level consists of 9 ACCA exams. If you hold qualifications such as Chartered Accountant (CA) or Company Secretary (CS), you will be exempted from taking a few ACCA exams. The same is the case for B.Com graduates. But, if you are just a 12th graduate, you will have to appear for all exams.

Papers F1-F3 test your knowledge level. On the other hand, papers F4-F5 analyse the required skills for ACCA exam qualification. Read further to learn about the required knowledge and skills for ACCA exams at the fundamental level.

Paper F1- Business and Technology (BT)

This ACCA exam paper will help you understand the contemporary business environment and its influence on operations and accountants. The paper provides an introduction to the foundations of effective management in detail.

It also explains the role of an accountant within this structure. Learning how to contribute to building a moral and effective organisation is a required skill for ACCA exam.

Paper F2- Management Business

This ACCA exam paper teaches about compiling and processing basic quantitative information. Skills for ACCA exam include management decision-making processes supporting a number of functions.

Paper F3- Financial Accounting

Here, you will learn the basic underlying concepts, fundamental rules and financial accounting laws. You will also acquire technical skills for ACCA exams by learning double-entry accounting procedures.

Paper F4- Corporate and Business Law

This ACCA exam paper improves your understanding of the larger legal framework. It also introduces you to specific legal concerns relating to business and identifies situations under which specialised legal advice should be taken.

Paper F5- Performance Management

The aim of the Performance Management ACCA exam paper is to help you in developing your management accounting techniques. You will learn how to make use of this information for planning, making decisions and evaluating performance using qualitative and quantitative data.

Paper F6 - Taxation

You will gain thorough knowledge about the taxation system. You will also learn to analyse its impact on people, organisations and groups of businesses- another core skill for ACCA exam.

Paper F7- Financial Reporting

This module of the ACCA exam is all about accounting standards and financial reporting. You will also learn about the theoretical principles behind financial statement preparation while focusing on the analysis and interpretation of financial statements.

Paper F8- Financial Management

The Financial Management ACCA exam paper discusses the different techniques used to manage the finances of an organisation.

Paper F9-  Assurance and Audit

This paper deals with the knowledge and skills that financial managers should possess to make sound decisions on matters such as finance, investments and dividend policy.

To Sum it Up

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