Digital marketing transformation trends every SEO professional should be ready for in 2022

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Cloud systems are predicted to become increasingly important, as well as hyper-personalization and data integration. In addition, influencers and content creators will play an increasingly important role in driving e-commerce success.

According to a study, 80% of large international companies accelerated their digitization in 2020 and 2021. Against this backdrop of transformation, 2022 will be key in the consolidation of disruptive digital trends, especially in areas such as technology and marketing, which in 2021 experienced major changes with the increased demand for cloud services and the exponential use of e-commerce platforms. In this sense, the meaning of cloud architecture and new user experiences will no longer be a mystery to everyone.

Global business strategy

  • We have been talking about mobile-first for a long time and it has been proven that companies that followed this principle were more prepared. The physical channel will continue to be essential in the future, but all companies will have to have a clear digital strategy and implement it at the same level because the user will not differentiate between the two worlds, expecting a one-channel experience.
  • New user experiences are here to stay. Users have changed many behaviors because of confinement and other restrictions, many of them having to do with digital. These kinds of changes in the way users behave digitally tend to have a knock-on effect - improved usability, more users - and a knock-on effect on the market - players who have not adapted will have to transform.
  • The choice is no longer "cloud or no cloud" but which provider and how we define the architecture. The advantages of having flexible and scalable systems have been demonstrated in 2020 and 2021.

    Telecommuting, mass meetings, large file sharing, collaborative working, the boom in traffic, and e-commerce have all been more easily achieved in companies where cloud computing was a reality. At the very least, companies will have to move towards hybrid architectures that give them greater flexibility and scale than ever before.

SEO, marketing, and user acquisition

  • Adapt to the user (experience and content). It is essential to adapt to the user's needs. A content strategy satisfies and solves the demands and problems that users search for in search engines. In addition, user experience, together with the loading speed, is a critical aspect when it comes to activating a positioning strategy. In 2021 Google activated a new way of evaluating user experience on the Core Vitals website, which has become a new ranking factor.
  • New" formats. Users are increasingly making use of new formats such as audio, through Voice Search. It is necessary to adapt content strategies to these formats.
  • Synergies with other channels. Being aware of the synergies between channels, it is essential to take advantage of all the benefits that one channel can give to another. For example, in 2021, influencer strategies reigned supreme, helping to better position brands through the generation of links (link-building).

User experience and web

  • Shoppertainment. Influencers and content creators are playing an increasingly important role in driving the success of online commerce. Social media live streaming is gaining more and more weight in brand sales, which is leading to an increase in job creation around influencer marketing, especially since the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Data-driven creativity. Big Brand Awareness creative campaigns are in the doldrums and 100% online conversion-oriented creative is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to technology, creatives have more information than ever about the audiences to be impacted, so it is within their reach to think of creative campaigns that are practically personalized for each target, thus increasing sales.
  • Creativity and automation. Although creativity as such is not linked to automation, the speed with which trends and user tastes change makes it necessary to automate creative processes as much as possible in order to produce and carry out changes in a more agile and efficient way.


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