The fourth Industrial Revolution: a primer on computer vision tutorial

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The fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, and it's bringing a new wave of technological innovations. This post will explore the basics of computer vision, one of the most exciting technologies to come out in recent years.

It's a branch of artificial intelligence that understands scenes from images or videos. With computer vision, you can quickly identify objects in pictures and recognize what is happening at different locations by looking at them! You can use it for applications such as face recognition, navigation assistance, and many more!

What is computer vision, and what are its applications?

Computer Vision = Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning

AI is particularly interested in solving problems by building machines capable of intelligent behavior, learning from data, and taking action based on what they've learned. And machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence concerned with the design and development of algorithms that can access data.

Computer vision tutorial is a field in which computer scientists apply their knowledge of imaging, mathematics, physics, engineering, visual perception, and computing to develop methods and algorithms so computers can visually understand scenes. It involves extracting information from a single image or a sequence of images.

From an engineering perspective, you can apply computer vision tutorials to understand and analyze areas such as video surveillance, medical imaging, document management/image retrieval, automatic facial recognition systems for security, etc. You can use it in autonomous vehicles. A fundamental component enables a car to understand its surroundings and make intelligent navigation decisions.

Applications of computer vision:

Automatic Facial Recognition

One of the most common computer vision applications is automatic facial recognition. An image of a person's face is captured and then used to identify that person from a database of images. You can use this application for security purposes.

Video Surveillance

You can use computer vision to monitor and capture events occurring in video surveillance automatically. You can find this application at airports, casinos/gambling venues, shopping centers, and other places of interest where security and safety are concerned (e.g., amusement parks).


Computer vision is used in automotive applications to help the car avoid obstacles and driver assistance systems. Driving a vehicle without using computer vision would be virtually impossible, given that there are just too many visual variables for a person to take into account at any one time. 

Medical Imaging

Computer vision is used in medical imaging to help doctors diagnose and treat patients. You can use computer vision to automatically identify lesions on the skin or tumors inside the body.

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