Data Scientist - Most in Demand Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is known for its wealth, and also is referred to as one of the most populated cities in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is synonymous with new technology, innovations, and is considered as one of the richest countries in the world. If you have the right skill sets, then there are many opportunities that you will be able to bank on.
In the age of the internet of things, where technology is fast integrating with people’s lives, proficiency in computer science, software programming, data science and data analytics are skills which are really sought after. Such skill sets become crucial if you are seeking to build your career based on current and future trends. Dubai targets on becoming a global innovation yardstick.
Due to its high tech infrastructure and implementations of several smart initiatives, Dubai has been declared as the Middle East’s leading smart city, by Huawei and Navigant, who studied the strategy and implementation of smart city campaigns in the region. According to a research based on UAE’s employers, 88% of them indicate that they need specific skill sets in the Analytics domain, showing an incline by 47% from the year 2014.
Since UAE has great plans of becoming a smart hub by driving digital transformations, with specific requirements in skill sets like coding and analytics, which are directly connected with digitizing industry verticals, will be high in demand. Due to the rise of Big Data, huge volumes of information can be collected from various channels.
Accurate analysis and interpretation of trends and insights from this data can benefit almost any organisation. Specifically, in Dubai, Big data is ever-present, especially since the technology to store this data is evolving and can be seen covering a wide range from collecting Salik (Toll payments) tags data, to online shopping trends.
Dubai faces the same challenges that other technology-driven institutions face, that of analysing the data in the most efficient and accurate manner, correct identification of areas of improvement and then selecting or prioritising, based on the substantial value and understanding, requires expertise. There is a dearth of data analysts in Dubai and hence jobs in this domain are great in demand there.
Dubai is also known to be a good paymaster, a junior analyst’s position can start from AED
20K per month and go up to 30 or even 40K AED.
Some specific skills along with job titles for IT-related roles in Dubai are:

  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
  • Algorithm Design
  • Web Architecture and Development Framework
  • Middleware and Integration Software
  • Data Scientist / Data Analytics / Data Architecture
  • User Interface Design
  • To touch on these professions, and skills sets, it is essential to have a perspective and knowledge of SAS, Python, R, Tableau, deep understanding of Data Analysis, Statistics, etc...,

Keeping the trends and requirement in sight, Imarticus Learning, in association with Genpact as a knowledge partner, co-created a cutting-edge industry-aligned curriculum, an online training, using a practical hands-on learning methodology.
The course is called ‘Data Science Prodegree’. It is a 180 hours course, which includes hands-on training with 6 industry projects, covering the essential requirement in the field of data science. The course also offers career assistance, which will make you job ready, by providing mentorship, in resume building and mock interviews by industry experts.
So if you wish to make a career as a Data Scientist in Dubai, consider doing a course with Imarticus Learning, known as industry stalwarts for skill enhancement in the data science circuit.
We also offer online Data Science Prodegree courses in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

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