Cities to Consider for A Career in Finance

The global demand for professionals in finance is on the rise. Specifically, as the global economy is rising from the downtime. As it continues to recover, there are gaps being discovered by the human resource development teams, in skills requirements and expertise. Now there are finance jobs that can be found in most cities around the world, but there is a huge difference in the skill set and sector where the opportunity arises. A career in finances in most cases is considered very lucrative. A move to a new city will only be worthwhile for a financial professional if the place they plan to shift to has good opportunities, and to simply put it, you are able to increase your take-home considerably after paying off all the taxes and housing expenses.
London, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan are the most competitive countries, ideal if you are looking for a stable career in finance. The financial sectors in these cities are best, where plenty of jobs exist in the financial sector almost across all levels. For example, London has the largest financial sector in the world, Germany represents the economy in the Eurozone, as a result, it has the financial sector to set policy for the massive union of economic interest. Canada is a viable option because of the geographical advantage it presents, by being closest to the world’s largest economy. Hong Kong hires the highest number of financial professionals because of the central position in the Asian financial sector. Also, Japan’s stock market and financial sector offer a significant area of employment. The US is also the most sought-after destination for financial professionals.
For professionals, seeking a job overseas, in the financial sector, Dubai is turning out to be a lucrative option offering similar career opportunities like in the countries mentioned above. It gets you the feel of working in a truly cosmopolitan environment, with job opportunities that pay well for experienced and fresher’s equally. In Dubai’s International Financial Centre, one will find the best financial and banking services jobs.
Some common titles sought after in Dubai are Account Manager, Finance Associate, Finance Officer, Financial Analyst, Research Analyst, Relationship Manager, Financial Advisor and so on. The financial sector in Dubai will also see a rise, because of the introduction of a VAT. And the availability of employment is across verticals in the financial sector, from Asset Management, Treasury Sales, Transaction Services, Loans and so on.
Imarticus Learning in association with EY, a global leader in advisory and consultancy have together designed a comprehensive course, which is industry-aligned, called ‘The Financial Analysis Prodegree
With EY as its knowledge provider, the course offers an online training mode, using a practical hands-on training methodology. The Financial Analysis Prodegree covers a wide range of Financial Accounting and Statement Analysis, Financial Modelling and Valuation, Equity Research in Corporate Finance Strategy and Transaction Execution. The program also focuses on building technical and soft skills expertise in Microsoft Office, Aptitude Training, Resume Building and Interview Preparation, making an applicant Job Ready at the end of completion.
The program equips you with skills and knowledge essential for a successful career in Investment Banking, Equity Research, Corporate Finance and in Consulting and overall Financial Management.
The course is designed to match the growing demand in the Global Markets. So if you are interested in building your career overseas, specifically in Dubai, and are interested in learning Accounting, Financial Modelling, Valuation or/and Equity Research, enquire now with Imarticus Learning and build your skill set.
We also offer online Data Science Prodegree courses in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

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