Cybersecurity recommendations for campaigns and organizations in 2022

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With the increase in technology, there has also been a tremendous increase in cybercrimes. Hackers find a way to steal data and sensitive information. In the year 2022, it is time to level up security and work towards safeguarding data. 

According to surveys, in 2021, IBM came up with a report on the Costs of Data violation and the enormous increase in Cyberattacks was the highest in the company's 17 years of the report. There were attacks such as phishing, ransomware and a lot of security had to be enforced to secure emails.

Keeping the current security scenario in mind, it is better to upgrade Cybersecurity and take measures to safeguard data by developing better practices in 2022. Training the employees and helping them take up Cybersecurity training courses can also make the employees more aware and efficient towards Cyber-attacks. 

Phishing of company’s workers has been a commonly used trick by hackers to steal credentials which leads to illegal access and that further leads to ransomware, data breaches, and malware infection. 

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, several organizations had employees working from home which resulted in maximum usage of cloud storage. This led to more cyber-attacks since most of the security experts in the IT industry weren’t ready for this new change in the working pattern. Several organizations have accepted being victims of Phishing where employees have been tricked by the fraudster. Organisations have ended up losing money for trying to rectify mistakes. 

Cybersecurity practices to follow in 2022 

Organizations need to move forward and adapt newer technology and practices to ensure that there is a decrease in Cyberattacks. Here are a few recommendations: 

  1. Have a team dedicated to Cybersecurity headed by the best experts- Cybersecurity shouldn’t be just a formality on paper. There should be a team of people who work to ensure that no fraudulent cases are happening, and the organization's data is protected. The team should have a well-thought security policy.
  2. Make sure the employees are on board with the organization in the fight against Cyber-attacks- Most cyber-attacks happen when employees are tricked into giving away valuable information. There are several times when employees fall into phishing traps. Employees should be made to understand the working process of security events. A human firewall and awareness are necessary. 
  3. Engage in instilling skills- If an organization is unable to recruit a team of Cybersecurity experts, then they should work on making the employees take up skills and sharpen their knowledge on Cybersecurity. The trained employees can then tackle curveball situations and fight against any malicious cyber attacks. There are plenty of Cybersecurity training courses available.
  4. Use smart security solutions- organizations should use versatile techniques and adaptive security solutions. Security threats are often difficult to detect hence organizations must invest in good software and update them from time to time. Smart tools can be made use of by an MSP. Foolproof login credentials like two-factor authentication must be deployed to increase security. Server software and applications should be updated to avoid any errors. 

Why are Cybersecurity certification courses important? 

Cyber-attacks are a threat to organizations and they incur huge financial losses every year trying to rectify them. There is a huge gap in the IT industry due to the lack of skilled cybersecurity experts. For individuals who have a keen interest in IT and are looking at pursuing a different career path, Cybersecurity is a great opportunity.

One can also become a Certified Ethical Hacker. Imarticus Learning provides a great platform for students to pave a great career path. Imarticus Learning has a Postgraduate program in Cybersecurity. With the best in the industry mentoring the students, they prepare them for the competitive world. 

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