Customer Service Trends - 2018 Is Making Operations Become Faster?

A recent publication shows that a smart AI strategy ensures transformative customer service in times where the customer is spoilt for choices in every area, and how firms can use AI as a weapon to offer uniquely differentiated products on the back of its usage. Unlike common perception, the authors have demonstrated how usage of AI will make operations faster, more effective, and cheaper yet more human. It has various updates on chatbots and how they enhance the customer self-service experience at L1.

Usage of prescriptive AI for quelling headcount growth by taking over routine tasks and allowing agents to focus on deeper customer experiences.

There has been a  steady rise of virtual assistants like Siri & Alexa and they will become independent local hubs of customer experience. Visual engagement avenues such as co-browsing & screen sharing and the expected uptick in usage across age groups.

IOT will transform business models as It will allow production companies to provide proactive services for their high-end products, through preemptive on-site /user monitoring and reporting to a centralized center versus reactive service upon a product breakdown.

Usage of Robotic Process automation for improved delivery of repetitive tasks and end to end automation of basic processes allowing humans to take escalations. Machine learning along with this allows them to learn through interactions that they go through to become more cognitive and intelligent.

Enhanced field service by equipping agents with enough information and parts to ensure that they get the customer's job done in a single visit. This also covers the usage of augmented reality along with digital interactions for deeper interactions in the physical world without physical presence.

The emergence of “superagents- equipped with AI tools” where companies will relook & redefine their workforce basis their skills and charge a premium for the usage of these services. There will also be seen a rise in customer service ecosystems where firms will use a combination of AI, their resources, and partners to see the customer through their entire journey and not just a portion of it.

With the above, we are looking at a new world order where Artificial intelligence will impact every aspect of our lives knowingly or unknowingly and transform the way we lead our lives including individual privacy and experiences.

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