Careers with a Diploma in Finance

The field of Finance is one of the fastest growing fields in India. Apart from being extremely challenging, as a career option it also is very rewarding. There are a lot of avenues in this field like investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, securities, stock market and many others. While there are a lot of graduate and post graduate courses through which people get into this field; an MBA in Finance is considered to be the go to course.
An MBA in Finance is rather longer in duration (around 2-3 years) and tends to run a bit tedious. To get admission into an MBA course, one is required to have about 5 to 7 years of professional experience as well. These and a few more reasons have led to the rise in people opting for either a Masters degree, or a Diploma course. These type of courses are usually short term and very intensive learning oriented. As their duration is shorter, they do not require any prior working experience, neither are they highly priced.
There are a lot of institutes that offer certification programs in investment banking, financial valuation and modeling; there are also diploma programs offered in Corporate Finance, Wealth Management , Retail Banking and so on. It is a common misconception that doing these courses won’t add any substance to a resume. Apart from being very adept at being at par with the industry standards, some of these courses also include mentoring sessions with experts of the Industry. Some of these courses also offer internships with leading firms after completion, thus offering the much needed hands on experience for the candidates.
FinanceThere are a lot of career options for someone holding a diploma degree. One can start from the position of an Analyst and work with banks, individuals, private firms and help them invest depending on the current situation of the market. One can become a Financial Analyst by getting licenses and certifications like Chartered Financial Analyst and can deal with the buying and selling of securities and bonds. Other career options include positions like the Financial Managers, Insurance Specialists, Brokers who deal in the stock market and Commercial Banking where one deals with management of financial services, the much coveted positions in Investment Banking and many more.
The salary aspects in careers after a Diploma in Finance are also very good-looking and with proper interest and experience, one can definitely further their career similar to that of a career of an MBA. When it comes to careers in Finance, the learning process is lifelong and just acquiring a degree doesn’t halt it. With each new post, deal or a responsibility, one gets to learn so much more at every level and aspect. Thus although one can go for higher courses with time, diploma courses and certification programs in finance do add value.
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