Best Long Online (Distance) Courses In Finance

There are a number of advantages of online learning where a student is at liberty to set their own pace of study. As opposed to classroom courses, which have a set schedule and timings, here it depends on the student as to when and where they want to pursue these courses. Today, with the internet connecting the whole world together, in a more global community manner, it is very possible to gain a degree from anywhere across the world. It is an established fact, that online learning courses usually cost considerably less than what a full time degree course does; while at the same time, these offer similar research, knowledge and skills like any other course would.
Online Learning basically refers to a method of delivering online education, or to students who aren’t able to be physically present on campus. There have been various studies, conducted on whether online courses are really, what they are made out to be. There have been a majority of students as well as professors, who advocate the usefulness and efficiency of these courses. In today’s day and age, where acquiring just one basic degree does not do much for one’s career, pursuing a online learning course, while one is working, is soon becoming a popular trend across a number of fields.
This holds very true, especially in terms of the field of Finance. It is popularly known as a very challenging field, which gives great returns to professionals here. But one thing remains here, that is just having one degree is not suffice to make it big in the world of shares and markets. This has resulted in a lot of finance aspirants seeking out online education or online courses, which let them specialize in any of the finance sub fields.
Imarticus Learning is one of the best education institute, which has made a name for itself in the field of online education, by offering industry relevant courses in various subjects of finance. They have received a trove of awards acknowledging their efforts to bridge the gap between academics and industry.
They offer the following online courses in Finance:

CCMCertification In Capital Markets

This is a short term, comprehensive program, which provides candidates with a thorough understanding of various financial instruments and the operations in Capital Markets. Being an online course, apart from live videos, this course also focuses on the concept of webinars, for the benefit of its students. On completion the candidates receive the CISI Certification of Introduction to Securities and Investment.

CFM-thumbnailChartered Financial Analyst

This online course helps candidates in cracking the chartered Financial Analyst Examination, offered by the American based CFA Institute. This credential is not only recognized on a global scale, but is also helps the candidates build a career in financial markets and capital markets arena.

Financial Risk Manager

The FRM is another globally recognized qualification, which is provided by the Global Association of risk Professionals, for those involved in the risk markets. This online course comes equipped with a FRM charter holder mentor, to guide the candidate as well as a unique policy of full refund, if a candidate isn’t able to pass the examination.

fmvcCertified Financial Modeling

This is an innovative online program that opens up various opportunities for the candidates in the field of Investment Banking, Private Equity, Budgeting and Financial Control Space. This online course is also instructor led and has great valuable guidance for candidates from an experienced industry professional.

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