Building an enterprise-grade ecosystem with cloud, blockchain and IoT

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Businesses across the globe are getting their cloud ecosystem to fill in the gaps created by the public data storage system. The ecosystem created using Blockchain technology and the data using IoT is a recent development in the business world. Blockchain technology eliminates the intermediaries for businesses and increases their efficiency, privacy, as well as, audibility. 

The organizations welcome them to personalize their data storage to ease their business processes and make them more effective while building trust with the stakeholders. In these circumstances, a simple software engineer course is insufficient for a career in the enterprise-grade ecosystem. 

Blockchain and IoT

The data collected from the Internet of Things (IoT) will be safely stored as blocks in the Blockchain which will keep them safe from any type of tampering. Data will be constantly added to the chain and can be retrieved at any time and monitored in real-time. This added security and flexibility of the Blockchain help the business be more methodical and productive. 

The entry into this fascinating new-age digital world is possible with an extensive Cloud DevOps certification named the Certification in Software Engineering for Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT (SCBI), here at the Imarticus. Here, you will be able to choose a project specialization in Blockchain or IoT as per your interest. 

Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT- The transforming technologies

These three technologies are the face of transforming technology that enhances the functioning of the various enterprises. A software engineer can shift the business into the Cloud. The data collected from the IoTs are transferred to Blockchain which is later stored in the cloud. 

To access and effectively use this technology you need the expertise of someone who knows the Blockchain arena. The SCBI course here at Imarticus will be the perfect course to be eligible.  

What is the SCBI course?

The advanced online software engineering course such as SCBI specializes in the three key areas as the Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT. The course is developed in collaboration with the E & ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati. The classes are conducted in various formats with live classes by the academicians and leaders in the various industries. 

The curriculum focuses on the different aspects of these transforming technologies and also on the other fields such as machine learning, NLP, deep learning, etc. The interactive sessions during 9 months will help you clear your doubts and understand the concepts thoroughly. 

The students will be getting in-class projects to work on. Apart from the regular assignments and assessments, there would also be a Capstone project in a field which the student can choose. The completion of this project will reward you with an industry-approved certificate.

An experienced mentor in your chosen field will be there to help you through.  

Career options in Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT

Opting for such Blockchain technology courses will be a holistic approach to understanding and experiencing the industry-oriented challenges better. The completion of these courses will lead you to be a Software Engineer or Developer or the more advanced career title such as Software Consultant, Blockchain Developer, Cloud Engineer, IoT Engineer, etc. The right course will help you develop the needed skills and prepare you for the job with support and guidance. 


Building and deploying data in Cloud will be part of the curriculum on the SCBI course that will help you achieve the aim of building the enterprise-grade ecosystem. Such personalized ecosystems are the need of the hour for the larger businesses to integrate and secure their digital environment. 

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