Bots In Learning AI And Personalized Learning Experience

Bots In Learning AI And Personalized Learning Experience

The class sizes keep increasing with compulsory education and teachers are often facing many challenges in giving attention and help to the large numbers of students. A big challenge like this has been simplified by incorporating computer programs that allow each student to follow his own pace and learning curve.

Since the ideal teacher-student ratio has long been overtaken, a lot of educational instructors have unobtrusively introduced AI and ML to help with self-scoring assignments, computer-aided assignments and course review modules and videos that help the learning process which tends to be different in style, pace, and manner of learning in each individual student.

However such early initiation has led to students thinking of the quickest and easiest way to beat the system. This was supposed to be a part of the personalized learning process which probably needs a review given that AI and a machine learning course have a huge role to play in the future of technologies.

Learning Bots:

The newer methods of experiential learning at educational institutions use advanced techniques of AI, machine learning and deep learning in instructing and teaching like Chatbots and learning bots.

A few examples of such learning bots are:

  • Botsify is a suite of bots that have bot assistants like the tutoring bots, FAQ bots and more.
  • Mika is a math bot tutor based on AI used widely in schools and higher education institutions.
  • Snatchbot helps administrators and teachers with templates to help customize a bot to the classroom needs and subjects.
  • Ozobot is a specialized coding bot.

AI has thus personalized the teaching and learning experience by incorporating a machine learning course for bots to enable their functioning in the field of education and instruction.

Learning supports with AI:

Individualized learning modules can help find knowledge gaps and personalize the learning materials to fill in the gaps. By so adjusting the learning rate no student in a class is way ahead or too far back on the learning curve. Since learning styles, rates and methods may vary over each student, adaptive learning scores by understanding and identifying the gap in learning and taking corrective action before it is too late.

A differentiated AI style of learning deals with the most effective style to help the student learn. Adaptive AI-based learning curates the learning exercises matching them to the student’s needs and knowledge gaps. Competency-based AI and machine learning course tests aid the students to gauge their learning levels and progress from thereon. Using all these three types of learning AI can test how well the students can adapt their learning to applications of it and thus promote the progress of students based on individual interests.

Tutoring help:

The bots have become extremely popular and the future will probably have specialized tutoring bots where the learners can ask questions and receive answers in real-time. Chatbots, tutoring bots and even bots for teachers to help score examinations, assess large volumes of answer sheets and more are being used to improve the learning and educational process. Tweaking the earlier bots have led to specialized bots that even suggest and provide resources specific to a learning style.

Administrative tasks aids:

Teaching is a challenge and scoring and grading are tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming. Multiple choice questions and online testing are AI forms of grading already in use where learning responses need not be essentially written responses. Thus a lot of paperwork and unnecessary wastage of time is eliminated.

Since bots are able to quickly analyze the responses, feedback can be near-instantaneous. Teachers can now get truly involved in teaching and rectifying the lacunae in the learning process. Besides, the teachers can also get recommendations on how to rectify the issues, what learning materials to use for personalizing the process and much more to help herd the students towards the right levels of comprehension and skills required. This could also be used for learning processes of differently challenged students.

Concluding notes:

Both bot technology and its AI technology has started the process of personalizing and improving the education system of learning. Today bots are not new to students who can exploit their benefits at will and at their own pace to learn advanced subjects. Such advancements in AI, ML and bot technologies spur demand for professionals in this emerging field which has immense potential. Would you like to do a machine learning course at Imarticus Learning and join the ranks of the highly paid professionals who face no dearth of jobs? Start today. Hurry!

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