Big Data Engineer Salary: How Much Can You Earn as a Big Data Engineer?

Big Data Engineer Salary

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Who is a Data Engineer?

As businesses across the globe are enthusiastically adapting the data-driven strategies to optimize their decisions, the demand of highly skilled Data Engineers has increased manifold. A skilled person who is able to convert the raw data into a self-explanatory form to analyze the trends by developing requisite algorithms is a Data Engineer.

The entire task of Data Mining, maintaining and extracting trends from different data sets in an organization is completed by a team of Data Engineers. Ultimately, the Data Engineers provide reliable infrastructure to maintain big data.

Skills required to be a Data Engineer

A Data Engineer must have deep understanding of SQL, Extract Transform Load, Apache Hadoop, in depth knowledge of Python, Java, Scala, Kafka, hive, storm and many more.

Big Data EngineerEnterprises now a days prefer the employees with the experience of working on the cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services etc. Sound knowledge of Data warehousing and Data modelling is also given a lot of preference these days.

The required skills and preferences may affect the salary of an Data Engineer by 10%-15%.

A Data Engineer deals in Big Data, the person should be proficient in the documentation skills and must also be good in his/her verbal and Non-verbal communication skills.

How to Become a Data Engineer?

Applied Mathematicians, Engineers, People holding Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences or related IT field find it easier to become a Data Engineer. The aspiring candidates then go for a Big Data certification course to have in depth understanding of required technological skills to be a Data Engineer.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Data Engineer

The generic tasks that a Data Engineer has to perform include:

  • Aggregation and Analysis of given data sets
  • Development of Dashboards and reports
  • Development of tools for business professionals
  • Providing improved techniques to access the Big Data

Three main domains in which a Data Engineer works are: Generalist, Pipeline centric, Database-Centric Generalists are the Data Engineers who processes, manages and analyses the data.

Big Data EngineerPipe-line centric Data Engineers work in coherence with Data Scientists to utilize their collected Data. Database-centric Data Engineers manages the Data-flow and database analytics.

Along with the technical skills, a Data Engineers must have some soft skills as well to communicate their analysis. Some of the key responsibilities are:

  • Acquisition of Data
  • To match their development constantly with the business requirements
  • Consistent improvement in the data reliability, efficiency and Data Quality
  • Development of predictive and prescriptive modelling

The key responsibilities vary from organization to organization.

Data Engineer: Employers and Salaries

Some of the top companies where Data Engineers are highly paid are:

  • com Inc
  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited
  • IBM Private Limited
  • General Electric (GE) Co
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Facebook

Factors affecting Salaries of Data Engineers 


Average Experience as a Data Engineer Average Pay-Scale based only on Experience
Entry level ₹400,000 approx.
1-4 years ₹739,916 based on 317 salaries
5-9 years ₹1,227,921 based on 179 salaries
10-19 years ₹1,525,827 based on 49 salaries

Job Location:

The Data Engineers working in the prime locations like Gurgaon (Haryana) earns 27.3% more average salary, in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) 13.7% more average salary, in Bangalore (Karnataka) 12.5% more average salary than in locations across the nation.

The average salary of a Data Engineer in Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai are relatively lesser than average salary across the nation.

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