Beyond The Hype: Learn Computer Vision

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Beyond The Hype: Learn Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a subfield of artificial intelligence. One day it'll be our go-to method for identifying objects and faces in the world around us—one way or another, if you've ever tried Google Photos' facial recognition feature, it's where computer vision work. It uses mathematical models to identify people's faces in images (and tag them automatically). This blog post will explain what computer vision is and why you should learn it.

Why should you learn computer vision?`

It's a highly sought-after skill, and it's easy to understand because computer vision is a practical skill that you can use in real life. Not only that, but it's also an interesting subject matter with lots of potential for growth and development. 

Some apps already use computer vision we use every day—like Snapchat filters, which use face-tracking technology to make you look like a cat or dog when taking photos with friends.

What is the application of computer vision?

You can use computer vision in countless applications, including:

  • Image recognition involves the ability to identify objects or scenes within an image, as well as the ability to track things over time. In the coming years, you could use these technologies in retail stores where customers can scan their items at a self-checkout station and then be billed immediately by their mobile phones—no need for cashiers!

  • Image classification involves categorizing images into different groups according to what they depict (e.g., dog vs. cat) or what part of the human body they represent (e.g., face vs. hand). For example, Amazon uses image classification algorithms on its website to automatically understand which products are shown in each image so that when you search for something similar online. It can give you suggestions based on previous searches made by other customers who clicked through from Google Images links before coming back later with those same results still ready for consumption! 

It also helps retailers build better recommendation engines based on user feedback after making purchases or browsing various pages on eCommerce sites like Amazon's own interface. But these systems aren't perfect yet because they require millions upon millions of training data points before making accurate predictions about new ones that may contain unusual patterns not seen before. 

How can you start learning computer vision as a beginner?

There are many resources for learning about computer vision. The best way to start is by understanding the basics of computer vision and then learning about the different algorithms used in computer vision. You can also learn how these algorithms work.

You can use many resources to learn more about computer vision, including books and online courses.

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