Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets In 2022

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Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets In 2022

Finance experts are keeping a keen eye on the global financial market. It is needless to say that after COVID-19, the whole financial market has been impacted in some way or the other. Also, financial investors and analysts opine that financial markets will experience a bumpy ride in 2022. 

The Omicron variant of Coronavirus is responsible for soaring inflationary pressure, disruption of international supply chains, and rising interest rates. Economic growth is at an all-time low in all sectors. Adding to the woes, price pressures are intensifying in significantly stretched supply chains. Financial valuation and modeling are all going haywire as analysts are not able to gauge the coming future.

There is hope that the pandemic will ease somewhat in 2022. If that does not happen, there are high chances that the central banks will raise interest rates. They might also try and cut back on their multi-trillion-dollar bond-purchasing stimulus programs for reining the inflation. 

Financial Markets In 2022

As per anticipations from the US Federal Reserve, there are high chances of increasing borrowing costs by almost three times in 2022. This will lead to market spooking and disrupt the recovery process, which is quite slow in 2022. 

Eminent analysts said at the Japanese bank Nomura that central banks are already feeling the heat due to high inflation. By the end of 2022, the backdrop will be very different. Stagnation will pose a bigger risk than stagflation. 

A senior income strategist at a renowned bank agreed to the fact that 2022 would be a choppy year for the market as a whole. It is expected that global financial conditions will become tighter. Further, there has been a substantial rise in Fed and US rates. The result is triggering volatility in markets. 

The bond market is also under the scanner. Days are not far when this market will face a day of reckoning, until and unless monetary policies never normalize. Government bonds that are long-dated will face the ire most. Experts offering financial planning and analysis recommend bond investors look for shorter-dated bonds for protecting themselves. They also advise looking for strategic funds and higher-yielding markets, which come with a flexible approach. 

It is expected that The Bank of England will increase its interest rates in 2022. The increase will be almost two or three times. The bank also lifted its primary interest rate to 0.25% at the meeting in December. Even then, the concerns regarding Omicron were pretty high. In 2022, investors should be mentally prepared for more volatility. 

The picture of Europe and Asia is also pretty grim. There has been a huge surge in energy prices on both continents. This has driven inflation higher in 2022. After easing down lockdown measures in these continents, there was a massive gap in demand and supply. It became really difficult to meet the demands of consumers with limited supplies. 

Many advanced economies in Asia and Europe faced this brunt post lockdown situation. High rates of inflation are expected to stay, but probably for short periods. By the end of this year, the rates are expected to drop. 

An eminent market strategist pointed out that investors had not taken the winter energy crisis seriously and now this is driving up bills. Not only this, it is compelling many factories to suspend work. Europe stands highly vulnerable to this crisis. Meanwhile, China is facing industrial dislocation and power outages which might lead to a new supply chain chaos. 

As per insights from an experienced portfolio manager, low-profitability but high-growth tech stocks might not fare well in a world of ever-rising interest rates and high inflation. 

China is the world’s second-largest economy and its weak growth means pulling commodity prices down. As per predictions from Oxford Economics, iron ore prices will be below the current level prices by the end of 2022. 

Higher vaccination rates, particularly in emerging market countries, bring some hope for reopening trade. Port and factory closures will also be minimized. 

To top it all off, you cannot ignore the geopolitical turmoil that is taking place in different countries of the world. Elections in the U.S. and France, the war between Ukraine and Russia, and the turmoil in Sri Lanka - all are contributing to the bumps in financial markets in 2022. 


Though financial markets are going through a really tough time, we need to keep our hopes high. Our financial experts and analysts are keeping an eye on the whole matter and providing us with helpful insights so that we can plan our investments better. 

If you understand financial analysis or investment banking operations, then you will understand these trends and situations better. Join courses and programs at Imarticus Learning if you want to know how to become an investment banker or a financial analyst. 

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