Benefits of Being a Business Analyst

Who would not like to be known as the person ‘who shall fix it all’, ‘the problem solver’? If you are someone who looks at every problem as a challenge only eager to solve it, then the role of a business analyst is ideal for you as the very core of a business analyst’s role is to find solutions, to be a problem solver. Technology evolution, especially in the last couple of decades, has drastically changed the manner in which business issues and challenges are resolved by IT-based solutions. IT intervention is not limited to merely IT management, but its prominence has shifted to that of value creation, by offering technology-based business solutions. Hence a Business Analyst becomes the go-to person within an organisation to provide such solutions. Business Analyst currently is the most valued in almost all domains across industries.

Some advantages of choosing the role of a Business Analyst


If you are a person who does not like to work in silos, then this is the job for you as it is expected that you collaborate with every stakeholder and business head internally, and customer base and client, on the external front, so basically with the ‘who is who’ of the company on an internal and external front. Not to forget travel becomes a part of the job when you have to liaise with clients at their home front, to understand their processes in their environment.

Multi-Tasking on Different Fronts

A business analyst usually maintains a bird’s eye view and simultaneously works on several things at the same time. They need to Analyse Requirements, Consider Research Options, Understand Functional and Technical Requirements, be a Team Leader, the Change Agent, Document and the Meetings, and Communicate with the client via Presentations, and at the time do all this in a day! So basically they have to manage all areas of a project with flexibility and be approachable. No wonder they are the most sought-after people in an organisation.Change Management Banner

Opens up further Career Opportunity

This role does not restrict you to IT or any specific domain, in fact, it is very versatile, with as less as 3-5 years of experience you can decide how do you want to take this role ahead. Functional Analyst becomes an option if you intend to pursue a specific domain or technology. IT Business Analyst is another option if you where you can position yourself as a mediator between Business and Technology. This role also opens up the Managerial Vertical where with the required exposure and skills one can consider a role in Project Management. Thus a career as a business analyst is highly sought after as it has the flexibility to pursue any role that you desire and achieve the growth that you seek.

Independence and Flexibility

Since your role involves liaising with top management, there is minimal micromanagement and a great amount of freedom to bring in responsibility, trust, creativity, in accomplishing tasks.
Every day of a business analyst is different. With more organisations understanding the benefit of a dedicated business analyst position, the job market is set to explode. The role offers great pay packages. With a high sense of achievement and contribution that you get while performing your tasks, it can be said that the business analyst career is close to perfect.
It has the three pillars of financial stability, professional growth, and professional satisfaction. So if you are a fresh graduate and looking at career options, a business analyst’s role should be on your list.

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