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From hiring and onboarding to ensuring quality employee experience, managing all of these HR management tasks has always been challenging. To deal with these complexities, many businesses leverage the power of HR software to streamline all their operations and enhance the overall efficiency of the organisation. 

On that note, let us explore the benefits of using HR software as well as the top HR software solutions used by various organisations across India. 

Benefits Of Using HR Software

Before delving into the intricacies of the various HR software available, let’s first look at the benefits of using them.

Real-Time Analytics And Reporting 

HR software provides valuable insights through real-time analytics and reporting. Human resource professionals can monitor key performance indicators, or KPIs, study workforce trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimise strategy with the aid of HR software. 

Additionally, HR experts may utilise the data to plan and implement successful programmes to raise overall productivity levels across the board for both employees and the company, promoting a positive work environment for all. 

Significant Reduction In Manual Errors

Organisations can greatly lower the likelihood of human error by deploying the necessary HR software. Saving both time and money is possible as a result. It is now possible, for instance, to combine most modern HR software with payroll systems, which makes it much easier to manage payroll with much greater accuracy and efficiency.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Most HR software and tools are equipped with various features, such as performance feedback tools and employee self-service portals, among others. With the help of the same, employees can quite easily access important information, request leave, and provide valuable feedback in a much more convenient and efficient manner, thus enhancing the overall engagement rate.

Apart from all these above-mentioned benefits, there are also several other advantages that you can enjoy by implementing HR software into your business. Such include compliance and legal adherence, seamless onboarding, and better performance management, among others.

List Of Best HR Software In India

According to a recent survey, as much as 74% of organisations have agreed that they wish to increase their expenditure related to HR tech in order to meet the pressing talent needs. On that note, here is a comprehensive list detailing some of the best HR software applications currently available.


When it comes to workforce management, nothing can beat Freshteam at its game. Packed with robust features, Freshteam is a one-stop destination for fulfilling all your HR duties. With the help of this platform, you can attract, hire, and onboard employees in a seamless and hassle-free manner. 

In addition, Freshteam allows for managing offboarding tasks, accessing employee information, and recording time and attendance. All these features make this platform a must-have for all types of businesses. Freshteam subscription starts from $50 per month, which can accommodate up to 50 active users. 

Zing HR

Moving on, Zing HR is a popular cloud-based human resource management software (HRMS) in India. It offers a comprehensive suite of HR and payroll tools that help streamline HR operations, enhance employee engagement and improve the efficiency of an organisation. Some of the key features included in this application are automated payroll processing, time and attendance tracking tools, and detailed analytics and reporting abilities. 

Bamboo HR

Some of the diverse features that set Bamboo HR apart from its other competitors are its intuitive design and easy-to-use specifications. It is an all-in-one HR software specifically useful for small and medium-sized businesses. It covers some key HR functions such as performance management, applicant tracking, payroll processing, and employee records management. 


Established in the year 2017, Kredily is a comprehensive cloud-based HR and payroll software platform that is specifically designed to automate all HR operations for businesses in India. One of the many features offered by this platform includes its ATS, an applicant tracking system that enables HR professionals to streamline all their recruitment processes, starting from sourcing to candidate onboarding. With the help of this feature, recruiters can also manage job postings, track applications, and conduct interviews efficiently, all in one platform. What’s more? You can avail all of these HRM and payroll solutions free of cost! 

Beehive HRMS

Beehive HRMS is another fantastic platform used by many businesses pan India to streamline their HR processes. This cloud-based HR software makes it much easier for the HR team to manage their workforce easily and hassle-free. From recruitment to payroll management, you can streamline all these tasks with Beehive HRMS. Some of the many features that make this platform an invaluable tool for most business enterprises are timesheet management, travel and expense management, offboarding, and helpdesk. 


HR software has proved to be instrumental in empowering HR professionals to work more efficiently, improve employee experience, and make data-based decisions. The various automation capabilities and data analytics provided by these platforms give organisations that much-needed competitive edge and enable them to attract, develop and retain top talent.

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