Analytics For Retail Banking Courses Training: An Ambitious Strategy On The Course?

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Analytics For Retail Banking Courses Training: An Ambitious Strategy On The Course?

Obtaining a certification in Basic Financial Accounting is the most effective strategy to advance your career.

Accounting Concept, Accounting Information System (AIS), Accounting Principles and Assumptions, Accounting Cycle, and Analytics for Retail Banking are all covered in this course. 

This program will teach you about the scope of analytics applications in a retail bank and the underlying procedures. You'll also learn about the numerous analytics-related tasks. Develop a solid analytics framework base. Learn about the most acceptable practices in analytics and the most recent trends in the field.

What are retail Banking Courses?

This course includes Product Development Process, Credit Scoring, Retail Asset Products, Credit and Debit Cards, Marketing and Delivery Channels in Retail Banking, CRM, and Technology. 

Retail Banker teaches the spectrum of worldwide best practices in ethical, customer-centric retail banking, from its fundamental multidisciplinary abilities to the advanced business knowledge and growing skills required of management and leadership to transform retail banking.

Why should you learn Analytics for Retail Banks?

Analytics professionals are in high demand, particularly at retail banks. This course may help with the following goals:

  • For professionals looking to advance their careers in analytics in retail banking
  • For senior executives at retail banks who want to advance their careers by moving into analytics
  • For business leaders and executives to better grasp the uses of analytics.

What will you learn if you pursue this certification?

Determine the appropriate course of action by adhering to ethical best practices that result in long-term customer relationships. Drive client-centric outcomes by having a thorough awareness of the whole customer experience.

Develop lucrative client connections by knowing the financial demands of the bank's customers at various phases of their lives. Support the retail banking business transformation by developing critical and practical multidisciplinary capabilities.

Manage the convergence of roles in conventional functions and create high-performing, cross-functional, agile teams to support a customer-centric culture and a profitable retail banking business. Develop the skills needed to lead retail banking strategic business units (SBUs) during times of rapid change.

Discover a retail banking career with Imarticus Learning

This 300+ hour retail banking online training will provide you with the domain and soft skills necessary for a successful career in Retail Banking, NBFCs, and FinTech. This is an ensured placement program where you are responsible for upskilling, completing the course, and earning their certification while we match you with industry possibilities.

Course Benefits For Learners:

  • Our students get placed in entry-level jobs in top banks, NBFCs, FinTech firms, KPOs, and other organizations, with over 8000 learners placed with a 60% pay increase.
  • Learn about retail banking sales and operations tasks such as retail liability and retail asset products, NRI banking products, developments in banking branch operations, and investment products such as mutual funds, insurance, stocks, and fixed income securities.
  • Students will receive a professional certificate in banking and finance, which will add significant value to their resume and assist their career progress on the correct path.

Contact us through chat support, or drive to our training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Gurgaon. 

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