All You Need To Know About Employee Onboarding

Companies invest a significant amount of resources in hiring top talent for their team. But this is not where the hiring process ends. Managers have to ensure that the employee is introduced to the workplace, the business processes and the work culture. If this process isn't properly carried out, it will lead to chaos and even attrition.

Also, businesses continuously struggle to reduce costs. In such a cutthroat environment, conducting the hiring process all over again will eat into the company's profitability.

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This is why companies are now focusing on crafting an onboarding plan for new employees that is efficient and effective. It is vital to have an excellent onboarding experience as it boosts employee engagement and aids in retention.

In this blog, we explore how companies can revamp the employee onboarding process. This will build a solid foundation for fresh employees to deliver stellar performances from the get-go.

Golden Rules To Follow While Onboarding New Employees

Have A Standardised Process

The employee onboarding process needs to be an end-to-end solution, factoring in the various touch points between the company and a prospective hire. This journey begins as soon as a company starts engaging with new employees after a lengthy hiring process. This is generally when the company sends an offer letter.

Other steps include deciding the joining date, the waiting period, the orientation week and interaction with the employees. If this process is standardised, it becomes easier for everyone else to follow and smooths out any inefficiencies.

Reduce The Time Taken To Reach Proficiency

One of the key factors to track a smooth onboarding process is to calculate the time taken for the employee to become productive. A detailed onboarding process will ensure that it covers all queries and pain points. This equips the new hire to tackle their job in the most efficient method possible.

The Human Resources teams must work towards offering new hires all the tools required to make a smooth transition and become productive. He/she should learn all about the workflow, hierarchy and exact job roles during the employee onboarding process.

Take Help From Technology

As more companies shift from an onsite mode to remote work and hybrid setups, it is advisable to onboard all new hires via a single unified platform.

This approach makes it easy to build a standardised onboarding process, which can be leveraged to engage potential hires, from any destination, in any time zone.

Factor In Company Branding 

The onboarding process is the perfect opportunity to showcase the brand, the company, and its unique proposition. Even if the new hire does not stay with the company for long, they walk away with a good impression of the business and might even recommend the position to others.

Companies must put together an engaging onboarding kit to help employees understand the vision and mission, culture and legacy of the business.   

Communicate The Basics

Fresh employees must have a clear idea of several basic things. For instance, who must they report to, and who reports to them? They must also be briefed on how to handle grievances, the outline of their job and what is expected of them.

With technology playing such an important role in everyday operations, companies need to walk fresh hires through the various tech tools being used for smoother functioning.

Set Up Team Introductions

Working collaboratively is a growing need, especially for remote and hybrid teams. Companies must make it a part of the onboarding process to set up one-on-one team introductions.

It creates an opportunity to break the ice, and build a rapport. It is also advisable to match fresh hires with potential mentors who they can reach out to for challenges and inspiration.

In Conclusion

A new employee’s first impressions of the company set the expectation for the future. A well-crafted onboarding plan for new employees positions them for success and leads to long-term retention.

If your business is looking to invest in building robust employee onboarding

processes, connect with us at Imarticus and start a conversation.

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