All You Need To Know About CFA Degree and How Much CFAs Earn in India?

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A financial analyst is a professional with the financial skills needed to analyze financial information and make financial decisions. A chartered financial analyst (CFA) is one of the most respected titles in finance, with CFA holders earning more than other professionals on average. They have financial competency and business knowledge. Some roles a Chartered Financial Analyst plays are:

  • Make decisions about companies, stocks, and industries to make money.
  • Track performance of stocks & collect data for interpretation.
  • Track and financial research positions (organization/industry).
  • Evaluate current and historical data.
  • Study financial statements to estimate value.
  • Study economic and business trends.

What are the courses for Financial Analysts?

The financial analyst course is a three-year undergraduate program that includes financial market theory, financial accounting and reporting standards, corporate finance, investments analysis.

Capital Market coursesThis chartered financial analyst course covers security valuation methods risk management techniques such as derivatives securities options and futures markets. It guides students on tools used by investment professionals to assess various risks and rewards of trading in different sectors or industries groups.

The CFA designation provides graduates with valuable skills necessary for employment opportunities at global banks, asset management firms, hedge funds brokerage houses, insurance companies, etc.

Different levels of CFA Degree:

A CFA Program guides and tests the fundamentals of investment tools, valuing assets, portfolio management, and wealth planning. Here’s the process for the degree:

Pass CFA Exams: CFA Program is a three-level curriculum, each with an exam. Passing these levels is a prerequisite to obtaining the degree.

Achieve Qualified Work Experience: Complete work experience in roles involving investment decision-making or similar value proposition.

Submit Reference Letters: To support membership application, provide professional references to testify your work experience and professional character.

Apply to Become a Charter-holder: Finally, you can apply for regular membership at the CFA Institute. Once approved and you join CFA Institute, you earn the CFA charter.

Importance of having a CFA Degree and how much do CFAs earn in India?

Your CV stands out:

The CFA curriculum, qualification, and charter stand out clearly on the resume since not many can claim to be one.

More time and cost-effective than other financial modeling courses:

Getting a CFA qualification is valuable for professionals who want to get into Fintech. It is a practical path for those with less time or resources.

Instant Credibility and Industry Respect:

CFA is the most prestigious & valued qualification in the finance & investment industry. The intense process that candidates go through before getting the charter is valued everywhere. Upon stepping into the industry, CFA charter holders gain instant recognition and respect, making it easier to take up exciting job roles.

Networking opportunities for better career growth:

The charter holders and CFA societies are present worldwide to give candidates access to more resources to boost career prospects. Being part of these societies increase networking opportunity and chances to land in dream jobs.

Better job prospects at top investment firms:

Employment opportunities in asset management, hedge funds, fixed income, and equity research are suitable for CFA charter holders. The CFA curriculum has an in-depth focus on financial modeling, portfolio management, ratio analysis, SWOT analysis, etc. The average salary of CFA in India is INR 3,50,000-35,00,000 PA.

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