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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining immense popularity in recent times. This term was first coined in 1956. Now, it is considered to be a next-generation technology that has high potential to succeed in the future. AI has made it possible for machines to learn from their past mistakes and execute tasks that were only done by humans.

Artificial Intelligence has created new job opportunities for the youth. If you are willing to start a career in the AI arena, then get yourself enrolled in an online artificial intelligence and machine learning course. These courses will incorporate you with a detailed understanding of artificial intelligence and its sub-fields. 

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is an advanced form of technology that can easily create robots that are controlled by computers. This can also build software that can perform human-like tasks. Artificial intelligence was created after precisely examining the human brain and its patterns. The cognitive process was also taken into consideration while designing the modern day. Hence, the result of all this research invents software that is quite intelligent and up-to-date. 

Types of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There are different kinds of artificial intelligence available in the present-day market. These have been discussed down below:

Purely Reactive

This kind of machine is specialised for a single field of duty. They do not possess and work with any sort of memory and data. For example, computer games. 

Theory of Mind

This is a special type of artificial intelligence that can comprehend emotions and thoughts. They are also capable of interacting socially.

Limited Memory

Limited memory is a machine that can add new as well as old data to its memory. Although it has limited memory, it can make the correct decision.


This machine is considered to be the future of new technologies. They will possess consciousness, intelligence as well as sentience. 

What are the Various Subfields of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has been further classified into several subfields. These subfields have their theories and technologies that are slightly different from each other. The various subfields of artificial intelligence are discussed below:

Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the most important subfields of artificial intelligence. It authorises AI with its learning ability. Machine learning uses algorithms to trace data patterns and create data insights so that AI can utilise this ability to learn like humans.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is the further sub-field that comes under machine learning. Deep learning is used to imitate the human neural network that is found inside the brain. Therefore, artificial intelligence can trace different noises, data confusion and patterns. 

Neural Networks

Another sub-branch of machine learning is neural networks. The main task of neural networks is to process external inputs through interconnected networks like neurons.

An AI certification course will help one to learn more about these subfields. This course will enhance your knowledge as well as skills.

What is the Advantage of Learning Artificial Intelligence from the Leading IITs?

IIT, or the Indian Institute of Technology, is one of the top-notch government-owned colleges. They create one of the finest engineers and technologists in the country. Besides engineering and other PhD programmes, IITs are now offering artificial intelligence courses. Here are the reasons why one ought to opt for these courses:

1. Student will earn a certificate from one of the top-notch Institutes in India

Every AI online course offered by the IITs comes along with certificates. These certificates have great value, and they are certified by one of the most prestigious colleges in the country.

2. Will impart requisite skills as well as knowledge

The courses offered by the IITs will impart an individual with the most demanded aptitudes and information. It has been forecast that this demand will rapidly grow in the future.

3. Courses are taught by experienced faculties

The AI courses are handled and taught by skilled as well as veteran instructors.  

4. The learning is more inclined towards activity based

These courses offer activity-based learning that includes projects as well as case studies. They will learn about software as well as hardware from an AI course.

5. Top-notch guidance

Besides teaching about artificial intelligence, this course will also guide you with your career trajectory. This course comes along with internships and jobs. 


Imarticus Learning has recently added the IIT Artificial Intelligence course. This online course will embed you with good exposure and experience. It will also help you to bag lucrative job opportunities. So without any further delay enrol yourself in this online course. 

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