What is Artificial Intelligence?


You don’t have to be a tech geek to have heard of the term Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are many articles that even state that AI will take over the world and in a way, AI has been a valuable tool in the business market. So, the question is: What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence in a nutshell:

There are many artificial intelligence tutorials on the internet to learn about this concept. In a few words, AI refers to a machine, especially a computer, doing the work of human intelligence. Instead of using humans to perform tasks like analyzing data, speech recognition, and more, now machines are equipped to do the same tasks using a couple of algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence courseIn an artificial intelligence tutorial, you will learn the basics of AI, its applications, and how it can be used to make an otherwise tedious process simple.

Many corporate giants like Google, Apple, Facebook use AI to constantly improve their services and collect valuable data.

Artificial intelligence careers are promising in the current market as they have a wide range of applications in different fields. Some of the major artificial intelligence careers include:

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • AI Data Analyst

There are many other fields and roles that you can apply for after receiving your course training in all things AI.

What is Data Science?

One of the top career opportunities in AI is as a Data Scientist. Let us explain this concept in short:

Data science courses include programming skills, mathematics, statistics, domain expertise, and more. This is to understand the data collected from AI and derive meaningful insights. These insights are then turned over to decision-makers to plan out business goals.

If you’re hearing phrases like Big Data, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, and others, chances are they are referring to a data science course. Taking up a data science course can guarantee a lucrative job opportunity.

There are many data science courses in India. From an 11-month crash course to a 3-year diploma, there are many options you can look into. You can research the best data science courses in India to find the top institutions recommended for you.

Business Analytics Courses

While the job of a data scientist is to derive meaningful insights from the data, it is the job of a Business Analyst to turn them into tangible business decisions. This is another opportunity that ranks high on the pay scale in the AI industry. All you need to do is take up a business analytics course to gain knowledge on the topic and land a job in the relevant field.

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