A look at sustainable supply chain management roles for 2023

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A look at sustainable supply chain management roles for 2023

The rapid growth in technologies has remarkably changed the face of supply chain management. Over the last two decades, it has seen enormous growth and the future is likely to be more prosperous and promising. Hence, becoming a supply chain analyst in the upcoming time is one of the booming career paths.

In today’s times, innovation has a great role to play in sustainability in supply chain management. Along with this, there will be more focus on sustainability to uphold environmental and societal values. Therefore, trends like the circular economy come into action. As per this, the company will build products to have a less environmental footprint and products will be long lasting as well as reusable. To complement this trend, companies can use data drive supply chains to leverage cloud-based supply chains that will provide detailed analytics. This gives a deeper understanding of business operations, and so, one can make strategies depending on them to be more sustainable in the future. To get in-depth knowledge about this, one must pursue a supply chain management course with analytics

Now let us take a quick look at the meaning of sustainable supply chain management. Further, we will discuss the opportunities that the field offers in 2023. 

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Sustainability is the addition to the entire supply chain management system which addresses global issues like climate change, deforestation, human rights, and many more. 

Nowadays, businesses are getting more considerate about the environment around them. Thus, they are taking steps to lower their carbon emissions and enhance the waste management system. 

Through sustainable supply chain management, organisations can make a huge difference in their business operations.  

Sustainable Supply Chain Management Roles

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One can have a booming career path in sustainable supply chain management. In order to opt for such a job role, one needs to pursue beneficial courses like the IIT Roorkee supply chain management course

Now, let's jump on to the roles that 2023 offers, in the field of sustainable supply chain management. 


  • Logistics Manager


In brief, the role of a logistics manager is to monitor the supply chain throughout the entire process. He is responsible for organising, storing and distributing goods from the place of supply to their destination. Nowadays, automation has made this job role far more interesting to handle. It has made late-stage custom packaging easier than ever. Besides that, now you can plan and deliver the shipment over any channel like Uber, and even by drones. Along with this innovation in the job, it is customer satisfaction that will help the business grow. 


  • Sustainability Leader


Sustainability in business operations is one thing that the world needs. It has been in use for quite a long time but with better technologies, its impact has come to notice. For example, newer technologies like automation bring out precision, and AI coupled with machine learning monitors resource consumption. As a result, resource utilisation is at its optimum level and benefits the organisation in the long run. Further, it also strengthens the financial impact of the business operations. 


  • Demand Planning Manager


The demand planning manager bridges the gap between the business and its customers. He becomes a commercial troubleshooter that is empowered to solve issues like demand-supply balancing problems. He also analyses the problems that have arisen at transaction levels. This way one can evolve in their career path as well, from demand planning to business creation. With newer automation technologies, the demand planner will get acquainted with cloud-based planning systems and learning algorithms.


  • Production Planner


In this job role, the production planner takes care of the production unit and looks at the bigger picture for the company. He predicts the level of manufacturing, keeping in mind the predictions for sales and other company goals. He takes care of various actions such as creating a production plan, and grouping products into product families. As a result, it turns one into a master craftsman. While managing all of these, they become one of the essential factors behind the profitability of the business. 


While managing one of the most important functions of a business, there are several challenges that one needs to tackle. To run smoothly during rough times, it is essential to be trained in a particular way that prepares you for real-world problems. 

To become a supply chain analyst with all the needed skill-set and knowledge, one must pursue a supply chain management course with analytics. It will not only build you into a professional but prepare you for the future as well. Attending the IIT Roorkee supply chain management course will transform you into an asset that can benefit a business in the long run in the future. 

Developing and gaining skills as per technological advancements makes one stay in the business for a longer time.  

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