Introduction To Machine Learning Course with GitHub and Creative-AI

The popularity of AI and ML has skyrocketed in recent years, and the domain has seen significant investment to meet its rising demands and take the technology forward. As a result of this, employment opportunities have opened up, and candidates from various fields are now getting into this domain.

In this regard, having an AI certification from any leading institution can be of great help to you, and it will open up new opportunities for you. So, read on to learn more about it.

What are GitHub and Creative-AI?

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Talking about the artificial intelligence and machine learning course, there are two tools that you should have a great grasp on, GitHub and Creative-AI. The reason is their popularity and wide range of usability.


GitHub is an online repository tool software developers use to store project codes and databases, track the code, and collaborate with other developers on projects. This way, GitHub makes life easier for developers when sharing big files of code, and there is no requirement for zip-packing the files.

On the other hand, in the case of collaborating on open-source projects with fellow developers, it is quite simple and easy. GitHub also serves as a social network for developers to network, meet and collaborate with fellow developers, and pitch their online portfolio to prospective employers or business owners. 

An interesting part of GitHub is the portfolio display feature. GitHub allows developers to host their projects on the platform and see whether the code is in working order. For that, you don’t need to pay and upload your code on paid hosting services.


It is the simulation of creativity in machines using the help of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). It uses the power of AI and ML to create two neural networks that, when pitted against each other, give a nearly-accurate result. In other words, from an original dataset, you can create a new dataset that is almost the same but with a few minor differences. That means you can create new music, images, audio and video output from the existing content input.  

What are the advantages of understanding GitHub?

Since GitHub is an internet hosting service –cum-repository, it has certain advantages in strengthening your resume as a software developer:  

  • You can show your coding prowess to others

Since you have been storing your entire code on the platform, it is easier to show employers and developers your ability to read and write code. Machine Learning is all about being able to pitch your ideas in front of people, be it an employer or a stakeholder. Also, it shows that you have the true mindset of a seasoned developer who is willing to improve their code since you have put it on a public platform. If you are a bit open-minded and can accept feedback, then you are one of the best candidates to get hired. Who knows, you might not have to begin at entry level, and you might get a direct entry as a mid-level developer.

  • It reflects that you are a team player

More than the programming skills, what is valued in an enterprise is the capability to collaborate. Several developers meet and sit down to ponder on a project and improve the functionality of a piece of software. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are all about collaboration. Organisations value this aspect a lot; therefore, GitHub adds an edge to your resume.

  • Most of the Machine Learning projects require open-source code

And that is where GitHub is one of the most helpful tools. Not only are there hordes of repositories which consist of machine-learning algorithms and code from all over the world. Many developers have contributed to it and worked on it to enhance the code. So, you are saved from a lot of work as you might not have to start a machine learning project from scratch. If you start from zero, it is very difficult and time-consuming to create and train an ML model. Also, you get to use the wisdom and skills of talented developers because of open-source projects on GitHub.  

How will Creative-AI benefit you in your career?

It is extremely beneficial for AI and ML developers to possess knowledge of Creative-AI, especially if they are inclined towards fine arts and artistic fields. Music, illustrative arts and video content creation or any other form of media creation and editing requires AI and ML professionals. These professionals need to have Creative AI on their resumes, and it is a must-have. Google, Facebook, and some top gaming companies have many openings for people with tech and art skills in this field.

So, you can see that understanding GitHub and Creative-AI can work wonders in your career as an AI and ML developer. However, the question is where to get the knowledge of these two tools from. In that case, you can consider an IIT artificial intelligence course.

And for that, you can look at the Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning from IIT Roorkee in partnership with Imarticus Learning. It will help you get the required knowledge and ensure that you receive the placement as you move forward.

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