A guide to ethical hacking: Certifications, Courses and Career

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Ethical hacking is the backbone of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing fields when it comes to Computer Science. If you are someone who is interested in building a career in cybersecurity then you have to gain some knowledge about ethical hacking. Whether you want to become a Cybersecurity Analyst or an Information Security Analyst, having ethical hacking skills can help you attain your goals faster. The average salary of a Certified Ethical Hacker in India is about ₹5.14 lakh

What is Ethical Hacking? 

In today’s world, no online digital data is safe from malicious attacks on the web. A security or data breach can cost large companies millions of dollars in compensation money. Ethical hacking is a way to prevent that. Ethical hackers, or white hat hackers, use their skills to test the company’s systems, networks and data to find vulnerabilities that can cause great financial damage to the company if they are attacked. 

Even though ethical hackers use very similar methods to unethical hackers to infiltrate the networks, they have authorised permission from the company to test their systems. But it helps companies detect vulnerabilities and secure their data better. Companies always look for cybersecurity experts who are good at ethical hacking to both find weaknesses in their systems and fix them. 

Why is Ethical Hacking Important? 

Data and information are probably the most important assets to maintain the reputation of an organisation. Ethical hacking can help companies secure their networks and systems. 

  • Companies use ethical hacking to test out their new security systems against threats that may violate data. 
  • Ethical hackers are also offered money to find technical bugs and system vulnerabilities in the organisation's network and report them to the company. Many large organisations offer large sums of money to such bounty hackers. 
  • Ethical hacking is also used to keep data safe from malicious attacks from adversaries. Customer data is the most valuable asset for an organisation and ethical hacking can help keep it safe. 
  • When ethical hackers find vulnerabilities and bugs, they also develop systems and firewalls to make sure that future attacks cannot breach them. 

Career Benefits of Ethical Hacking Courses 

Ethical hackers are high in demand now that everything has gone digital. The more companies depend on the digitisation of their business, the more they become vulnerable to data breaches and unauthorised online attacks. That is why, cybersecurity professionals, especially those with ethical hacking training are constantly hired to keep company data safe. 

Primarily there are two types of ethical hackers. The lone ethical hackers are individuals who enter the domain for prestige and knowledge. These are people who help find bugs and breaches in company firewalls and security systems and get paid money to do so. Then there are ethical hacking groups. As the name suggests, these are a group of ethical hackers who work together for clients that hire them to secure their systems. The people in these groups might not be from the same region but they achieve the same goal faster by working together. 

But ethical hacking is a useful skill even if you do not want to become an official ethical hacker. You can also train to become a cybersecurity professional with a degree or certification in ethical hacking. This skill is more in demand than it has ever been before. With the help of ethical hacking knowledge, you can become a Cybersecurity Analyst, an Information Security Analyst, a Penetration Tester and much more. The scopes in this field are vast. 

Ethical Hacking Courses You Can Check Out 

Ethical hacking certification courses are in demand right now. Many young individuals who want to become cybersecurity professionals are going for these courses. These courses can help you learn more about ethical hacking and test your skills. These certifications can help you get prestigious jobs in large organisations. 

You can find many cybersecurity courses online. Even in India, there are many organisations providing comprehensive ethical hacking certification courses. You can even find great basic online courses for free. These courses can provide great basic insight onto the subject of ethical hacking. 


If you are someone who is preparing for a career as a cybersecurity professional then you should also have an ethical hacking certification. It always helps get better job opportunities in a country like India where companies are always looking for cybersecurity experts with ethical hacking knowledge. 

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