A Credit Risk Analyst Course Can Be Useful For Your Career

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A Credit Risk Analyst Course Can Be Useful For Your Career

Whenever you talk to a college student, you will hear them say that they want to make a career in finance, or at least they want to explore the field. However, they don’t realize that finance is a very vast field. 

There are various job profiles, and we can further divide most of them into multiple sub-categories. It can take years for individuals to find their expertise and become the best at it. 

Most of the students have heard of Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, Corporate Analyst Development Program, etc. But job profiles like Credit Risk Analyst, Underwriters, etc., are still picking up in India. 

Are you a student who wants to explore the finance field? 

Do you feel that the portfolio of the Credit Analyst Course interests you? 

Then keep reading...

What is Credit Risk?

Credit Risk refers to a possibility of a loss that can occur when the borrower fails to repay a loan or meet his contractual obligation. 

In simple words, it is a process that determines how much risk is associated with a person and how likely it is that this person will repay the sum he borrowed. 

There are three types of risk: Probability of Default, Loss Given Default, and Exposure at Default.  

What are the Responsibilities of a Credit Risk Analyst?

The Credit Risk Analyst’s key responsibilities are as follows:

  • Analyze the financial statements and assess their credit request and conclude if that individual is eligible or not. 
  • Based on the analysis conducted, they must suggest recommendations. 
  • Present these analyses and recommendations to managers, highlighting the borrower’s ability to repay.
  • Maintain the records of the company’s lending protocols.
  • Identify if any discrepancies and variances are present.
  • Prepare spreadsheets and different models which support the analysis of new and existing credit applications.

How can Imarticus Learning Help You with Achieving Your Goal?

Imarticus Learning provides a Credit Analyst Course in India to help students build a career in finance. They offer this course, affiliated with Moody’s Analytics, through live online training. 

In Credit Risk Underwriting Courses, Imarticus Learning would be discussing topics like credit Elements, credit underwriting, credit administration, regulatory frameworks, and many more. 

Imarticus Learning’s focus is to imbibe job-ready skills in its students. Thus, the course outline trains students to develop the necessary soft skills that would be helpful in the corporate world. 

Imarticus Learning does not believe in rote learning but in learning through hands-on experience. Therefore, they provide real-life case studies and test students on the same parameters. 

They also conduct guest lectures for students to give them an insight into the actual corporate world.  

For a more detailed outline of the course, go to Credit Risk Underwriting Courses

What to Do After Completing the Program?

Since this course helps students develop their personality holistically, getting a job offer increases quite a lot. By completing this degree, a student can get any of the following job profiles: Operational Risk Manager, Risk Analysis Researcher, Enterprise Risk Management Lead, Credit Analysis Associate, Credit Risk Analyst, Credit Financing Manager, Insurance underwriter, and more. 

Apart from this, Imarticus Learning provides placement opportunities for companies like ICICI Bank, Muthoot Finance, Axis Bank, Bajaj Finserv, Edelweiss, Reliance Capital, BankBazaar.com, HDFC Bank, Larsen Toubro, etc.  

Many of you might have this question about how Imarticus Learning can place students in such top-tier firms. The answer is very simple. 

We help our students every step of the way. We assist our students with enhancing their CVs and prepping them for the entire interview process by conducting mock interview sessions.     

How do We Enrol in this Course?

To enrol in this program, simply go to Imarticus Learning. In case of any query, we have chat support through which you can contact us at any time. 

Apart from that, interested students can always visit our training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Gurgaon. 

Imarticus Learning is an excellent platform for young professionals and undergraduates to gain knowledge and get certified in the field of finance. We believe in helping our students till the very end, thus, providing them with excellent placement offers with top-tier firms. 

By enrolling in this course, students will have a better and deeper understanding of credit risk and underwriter analysis. Apart from that, this course focuses on the holistic growth of a student. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Come and join us at Imarticus Learning.

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