A Career in Robotics after Postgraduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

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A Career in Robotics after Postgraduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

Robotics is one of the emerging fields due to its demand in various segments, be it healthcare, agriculture or manufacturing; this technology is helping businesses to make giant strides forward. What is the most unassuming aspect of robotics? It is a multi-disciplinary trait that would help you to reach the zenith in the field of technology. It has a vast expanse of applications due to its versatility.

So, if you also aspire to have a career in roboticsthen read on to learn more about the field and what you need to know to succeed.

A PGDM in artificial intelligence is highly beneficial for a career in Robotics. It helps you to take the next step in your career. Know the benefits.

What are the duties of a robotics engineer?

A robotics engineer has to handle a lot of crucial responsibilities while being employed in an organisation, such as: 

  • Designs and develops robotic prototypes

A robotics engineer's obvious responsibility is to make a working model of the product. This prototype will be extremely close to the finished product, and it will also give the stakeholders and buyers an idea of what the final product will look like. For that, the robotics engineer will design the system architecture and the circuitry and program it accordingly. The external and internal designs of the hardware and the software architecture and the implementation shall also be updated as per the final product.     

  • Construction and configuration of the robot

After the prototype has been built and approved by the senior team and the investors and stakeholders then this prototype is sent to the manufacturing team, where the construction of the parts of the robot is completed. The robotics engineer is a part of the team who checks whether everything is in order as per the design of the prototype. Robotics engineers are, therefore, responsible in this phase, where they also look after the supervision and approval of the ready-to-launch products.  

  • Tests and debugs the robotic systems of robots and robotic systems

Before these final products are launched in the market, testing is done to check whether everything is in order. It is also assessed whether the hardware and software show any abnormal behaviour. If there are errors, then they are rectified at this stage. The software also undergoes an extensive debugging process where the code's flaws are removed. 

  • Instals, operates, calibrates and maintains robots

In this phase, a robotic engineer ensures that the machine operates safely and dependably. They install the necessary components of the robot and then calibrate it accordingly. Everything is done carefully and precisely to the dot. The robotics engineer checks all the operations and debugging and implements the modifications that have been carried out and performed on the machine. If the product is manufactured, then after-sales service is also provided.  

Top 5 jobs in robotics

The field of robotics has many lucrative job roles. Some of the top roles from the salary aspect are as follows:

  1. Robotics engineer

This job responsibility is related to the creation of robots and robotic systems, and they could also be responsible for assembling the robotics systems. The salary of a robotics engineer is in the range of ₹3 Lakhs to ₹20 Lakhs annually. 

  1. Robotics technician

These are those people who have to handle the responsibility of installing the robot for the customer and repairing it if it has any flaws in it. The salary of a robotics technician is between ₹1.8 Lakhs to ₹7.4 Lakhs range. 

  1. Robotics operator 

This is a person who oversees robotics operations. Since the robots are in the development stage, you need a human to supervise them, and the Robotics Operator takes care of this responsibility. The salary range for this role is in the region of ₹3.5 Lakhs.

  1. Robotics software developer

Basically, this is the person who develops the brains of the robot. The software developer is trained in AI and ML, and the salary of a Robotics Software Developer is upwards of ₹5 Lakhs.

  1. Robotics sales manager

These are engineers who deal in the sales of Robotic products. They are skilled in making technical merchandise adjustments and communicating with the client. Their salary is more than  ₹4 Lakhs. 

How can a PGDM in artificial intelligence be an advantage?

A PGDM in artificial intelligence can work wonders for your career. You can learn about AI, business and management together in one program. You get the right balance of technical and commercial knowledge at the same time in the same course. This gives you an advantage over the rest of the competition. You have high prospects of getting employed. This course also has a global scope, so you can apply for an overseas job. You also have two options for transition in your career. You can go towards the tech side, or you could also head towards management. So, this course has a lot of benefits.   

To sum up, the career prospects in the field of robotics are increasing and will continue to do so in the coming years. Hopefully, this write-up has shed some light on the significance of a PGDM in artificial intelligence. But where should you choose to study? At Imarticus Learning, you get offered one of the best PG certificates in AI and ML, giving your career the support it needs to bag the next big opportunity.

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