7 Corporate Training Tips to Create an Amazing Learning Experience for Employees

Corporate Training

A study found that about 87% of millennials find workplaces that offer learning and development more appealing. In contrast, about 59% of the employees have claimed that they have not received any training at their workplace. Instead of that, they had to rely on self-training to learn relevant skills. Now, since it is established that there is an increased demand and lack of supply of Corporate Learning and Development Programs for employees, it becomes necessary for companies to understand why training is important. Companies must also learn how to boost Corporate Learning. This creates a great learning experience for employees.

Importance of corporate training

Future Of Corporate Training

Corporate Learning and Development Programs help employees to identify challenges and solve them. They learn to design important strategies for business growth. It develops effective leadership leading to the efficient working of the teams.

7 Corporate Training Tips to Create an Amazing Learning Experience for Employees

1. Learner analysis

Companies must analyse learners before and during Corporate Learning programs. There are several benefits of analytics:

Pre-analysis helps organisations to understand the area of focus.

  • It declutters the program by removing unnecessary tools.
  • It aids companies to understand the need of their employees.
  • The learning can be tweaked to ensure that the learners stay interested in the program.
  • It improves the effectiveness of Corporate Learning and Development Programs.

2. What is the right time?

The demand for skills changes with time. Thus, companies should roll out a corporate learning program according to the demand for a skill or tool. This ensures that the employees are up-to-date with market trends. Timely training is effective training. However, sometimes it could be difficult to do so at a short notice. For this, Imarticus Learning has 20+ pre-designed programs for finance, analytics, tech and marketing professionals.

3. Design and composition of training material

Designing the training material is important because it ensures that nothing is missing from the program. Designing should be done in such a way that the employees can have control over their learning. It should have interactive and practical elements so that employees can work together as a team.

4. Align with a business objective

Developing Learning strategies could help companies to understand what needs improvement. It helps to know where the learning gaps lie and work on them accordingly. This step should be done before finalising the training program.

5. Flexible learning

Mandatory is a word that does not encourage the employees into a corporate program. Also, it interferes with the work schedule of the employees. Therefore, a training program must be designed to be flexible. A blended strategy mixed with old-school learning and online training could be the solution to add flexibility.

6. Rewards and recognition

Workplaces have a hectic work schedule. It is hard to encourage employees to attend any training program outside of their assigned work. Thus, companies must ensure that employees are motivated to embrace it. Rewards such as bonuses, office perks etc could help the employees get motivated.

7. Evaluation and feedback

After the completion of training, the job of the trainer might be complete, but not of the companies. A company must evaluate the training program and get feedback. It is important because it helps to understand the effectiveness of training and how it has helped with the growth of the company as a whole.

Why choose Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning has created a range of corporate learning programs for professionals to upskill while they are in the office. It allows learning from the best in the industry and experts. It also has solutions for companies that often struggle with training programs. There are 20+ upskilling programs to train the employees.

Imarticus Learning works with EC Council, Moody's Analytics, KPMG, IIM Lucknow and many others to mobilise 45,000+ career transitions. It has over 10,00,000 learners and has worked with companies like HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Capgemini and numerous industry leaders.

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