5 Simple Tips To Improving Your Career As a Data Scientist

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In today’s world, most types of organised businesses use huge amounts of data to understand and analyse the needs or preferences of their prospective customers. This helps companies offer their existing clients a smooth experience with their products and services. Data science plays a vital role in this direction and provides businesses with the right tool for their activities. Notably, the number of people opting for a data scientist career these days is growing by leaps and bounds. 

Process and its Application in Business

The process of data science starts with the collection of raw data from several sources. Then, the data is prepared, i.e., filtered by eliminating unwanted content, as per the needs of the business. And then, analysis of the data starts followed by data modelling and later actual visualisation in the real system. Data science helps both online and offline businesses by capturing more and more recent data, which shall add value to the business in the long run. For example, an OTT platform service provider gathers real-time data on the choices and preferences of their clients to suggest to them the content they would be interested in. This means they help their clients get their choice's content at their fingertips.  

This process is known as the recommendation process. The more inputs the service provider receives from a particular client, the more accurately the system may suggest him or her correct content. The better the recommendation mechanism of the service or a product, the better the satisfaction of the client. This is the reason why recently all organisations are following the process of client feedback for their products and services.

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It is the job of data scientists to work out the available data and derive perfect algorithms for the system to kick-start artificial intelligence. Thus, machine learning comes hand in hand with data science and is an integral part of the total knowledge that a data scientist should possess. Considering this, the study of data science and machine learning courses in India is gaining momentum day by day.     

Tips to Improve Your Career as a Data Scientist 

The simple tips that will help to improve your career as a data scientist are as follows - 

  • Starting a career in data science is equivalent to breaking into software engineering for someone, who does not exactly have the same background but the basic intelligence, passion and skills to crack the processes. It may be safely mentioned that a candidate may be from any background i.e. science, humanities or commerce and may still pursue a career in data science. However, it may be noted that the candidate must possess good reasoning skills and a steady aptitude to learn quickly and efficiently.
  • Even a prospective candidate without prior programming language knowledge can be a very good data scientist in future provided the candidate follows the subject on the right platform. The candidate must enrol himself or herself in an eminent institute, having a huge experience in mentoring on the subject.
  • It may be noted in this context that though the study of data science involves enormous learning procedures, one should not be too much stuck in theory but rely on practice when he or she has completed the course. It is more of a practical or hands-on job and hence, preparing and running a model is more important than anything else.
  • A budding data scientist must have excellent mentors. We must remember that this is a newly evolving field and hence, getting oneself updated with the latest domain knowledge will be extremely helpful to one’s career. This is exactly where the role of good institutions comes to play.
  • The prospective candidate should choose the correct industry, in which the candidate has an inherent interest. It may be in SCM (supply chain management) or even finance. The course to be chosen should also be guided by keeping the basic interest of the candidate in mind. Good institutions have career counselling coaches who can understand the ability and interests of a particular candidate and may guide the candidate accordingly.


A career as a data scientist is highly rewarding for a prospective candidate provided he/she has a grasp of the subject precisely and applies the knowledge in the industry domain according to his/her interest. The pay package of a data scientist depends on the skills and knowledge the candidate has mastered and the number of successful project models that have been delivered. The IIT Roorkee data science and machine learning course at Imarticus is an online training programme for five months. This course will guide you on how to become a successful data scientist and help you to achieve your dream. 

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