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The market of Data Hadoop is going through an enormous advancement, and there is no downshift to this progression. Hadoop has made storing data economical for companies and organisations. Besides, companies can wisely make out a financial plan, easily track down customers' records, and provide customised recommendations with the assistance of Hadoop. 

People are shifting their career paths as Hadoop has opened doors for lucrative opportunities and growth. An online Hadoop certification course will assist one in learning more about it.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open-source framework created by Apache that stores and processes high-volume data. It has been coded with the assistance of Java and can be utilised for offline work, and can even be elevated by simply amplifying nodes. Big companies like Twitter, Meta, and LinkedIn use Hadoop because of its benefits.  

Why must one learn Hadoop?

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Professionals are advised to learn Hadoop as all big companies will soon declare it a mandatory skill. Hadoop helps to process zettabytes and big unstructured data. Although it is quite complicated to grasp, beginners can easily learn Hadoop online with the many courses available. Learning Hadoop has immense advantages, some of which are enlisted below:

  • Economical- Hadoop is quite more economical than the traditional system. This is because it is open source and stores data in commodity hardware.   
  • Upgradable- Hadoop can be easily upgraded by amplifying clusters with more nodes. 
  • Rapid- Hadoop can distribute data across the clusters faster than any traditional method. Hadoop also reduces the data processing time as the tools are often located on the same servers. Due to this fast technology, terabytes of data can be processed within minutes. Besides, petabytes of data can be processed within a few hours. 
  • Easily resist failure- Hadoop can easily resist failure. This is because it has a feature that can copy data. Therefore, if there is any network failure, this replicated data can be used. Hadoop allows data to be replicated or copied thrice.

Companies are opting for Hadoop as it has a slew of advantages that benefits the companies and allows them to generate more revenue.

Successful anecdotes after using Hadoop

Hadoop by Apache has created history by making impossible aspects real. It is an open-source framework that usually analyses big unstructured data. It also has a lot of potential. Therefore, big companies are using it and receiving positive outcomes. Here are a few immensely famous Hadoop success stories-

  • The immensely famous newspaper company, New York Times, is a current user of Hadoop. They use it to convert their 4 million data into PDFs. This whole procedure takes 36 hours with the assistance of Hadoop. Otherwise, converting 4 million data with traditional techniques is quite tedious.
  • The famous American retail company Walmart also uses Hadoop by Apache. This framework generates customised recommendations for their customers by analysing their recent data. And this method has turned out to be a success for Walmart. 

The ultimate top 5 reasons to learn Hadoop online 

By now, you have comprehended how important Hadoop is for the future. Here are the top 5 lucrative reasons why one should learn Hadoop online.

1. Hadoop offers better and more lucrative career opportunities 

There is an insufficiency of Hadoop professionals. Therefore, companies are offering lucrative salaries and opportunities. Hence, learning Hadoop online will help you learn the required skills and open the doors to great opportunities. 

2. Many jobs are available as Big data and Hadoop professional

As there is an increase in the demand for Hadoop among big companies, it has turned out to be a great job generator. So if an individual is willing to shift his career, they can easily enrol in a Hadoop online course to fit in his job role. Some of the famous job roles are:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Hadoop Admin

3. Hadoop has better technology

Hadoop serves better technology than traditional methods. It is also cost-effective and performs better.

4. Big companies are adopting Hadoop

Hadoop is the face of the future. Big companies are adopting it to increase their revenue and adopt profitable strategies. So it is essential to learn Hadoop as it will become one of the main requirements of large companies.

5. Hadoop will lead to Big Hadoop Ecosystem

Learning Hadoop is important, but it is also important to learn technologies that fall under the Hadoop Ecosystem. This will help an individual to diversify and boost their career. So, one should opt for a course that covers the entire Hadoop ecosystem.


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