Hadoop from beginning to end: Learn Online

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Hadoop from beginning to end: Learn Online

Learn Hadoop from beginning to end and how it can become a game changer for your company. The Hadoop ecosystem has evolved dramatically over the years, and it's now time for you to understand this technology by getting hands-on with real-world data processing using easy-to-understand examples and practical homework.


The (HDFS) Hadoop Distributed File System, which provides storage, and the MapReduce programming model, which provides processing, are the only two technologies that makeup Hadoop's architecture. 

A single file or a directory of files may make up a portion of the overall dataset; HDFS exists to divide, distribute, and manage these portions. Pre-loaded onto the worker nodes, these data chunks are processed in the MapReduce stage by the worker nodes. HDFS eliminates all the hassle and inefficiency of moving data back and forth across the network by keeping it local at process time.

Each worker node spins up one or more tasks during the MapReduce phase (either Map or Reduce).

The Best Way to Learn Hadoop 

Online courses, books, and hands-on experience are the best way to learn Hadoop. As you'll see later in this article, there are many advantages to learning with this method:

  • If you are busy or have other obligations that prevent you from attending classes in person (or if they're too expensive), then learning without physical presence can be more convenient than attending classes on campus or commuting between them every day. 
  • For beginners, taking a guided course is always beneficial and simplifies learning Hadoop. For beginners learning Hadoop, there are many classrooms and online training options on the market. These programs also include extra tools and packages for learning the Hadoop ecosystem. 
  • Following blogs enables one to learn more than one could from books alone. There are many beginner-friendly big data blogs online to give you a sense of the trends and innovation taking place in the field.

The Hadoop framework can easily store and process large amounts of data. You can use Hadoop to analyze big data sets quickly and efficiently, but it's not easy to learn independently—you need an instructor! 

That's where we come in: with online courses, you'll be able to take advantage of all the benefits of working with Hadoop as soon as possible and become a data analyst.

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Course Benefits for Students:

  • Students will be familiar with the most popular data science methodologies and tools, data analytics, and machine learning basics. 
  • Students who complete 25 real-world projects and case studies under the supervision of business partners will receive a data analytics certification course. 
  • The ability to display data using a data analytics tool is one of the most sought-after skills on the market. 

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