11 Ways To Completely Revamp Your Ethical Hacking Career With This Certification

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11 Ways To Completely Revamp Your Ethical Hacking Career With This Certification

Ethical hacking is the process of recognizing problems, or more simply, loopholes in a system, application, or even a company’s architecture through which hackers can enter through and exploit the user/system/company for their own financial gains.

Further, ethical hacking allows users and companies to protect their data by recognizing these problems and coming up with countermeasures in case a similar situation were to arise in the future. If you are deciding to shift or are in the ongoing process of shifting to the domain of ethical hacking and cybersecurity, then a good ethical hacking certification course might just be the extra push you need.

Cybersecurity and ethical hacking have become common words in technology, finance, and even in small businesses. Every user wants privacy over the considerable amount of data transferred over the internet every day. The domain of cybersecurity also deals with the recovery of a network, server/servers, applications, and systems after an attack by malicious hackers via the internet.

Besides, cybersecurity employs a growing number of technologies, tactics, and resources that can help businesses and individuals improve their security, which is basically described as the capacity to prevent or withstand any type of security crisis.

How Can a Certification in Ethical Hacking Help You Revamp Your Career?

The ethical hacker certification from the EC Council is probably the one you need as it equips you with various methodologies that will not only help you as an ethical hacker but also as a proficient professional in the workplace. Below are a few reasons why this certification course will allow you to completely revamp your career in ethical hacking:

The program runs over a time period of six months. Ethical hacking is a vast topic similar to other technological and engineering subjects that takes a decent amount of time to grasp and requires even more time to master. This course runs for 6 months and ensures that all candidates get a good foundation in the core subjects related to ethical hacking and cybersecurity and even provides candidates with the ease and time to do so.

The program will allow you to prepare for interviews correlated to different job roles in cybersecurity: This program provides candidates with a vast course curriculum that allows them to eventually choose whichever job role they want to apply for in the domain of cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Be it penetration testing, cybersecurity analysis, or handling incidents, this course will equip candidates with sufficient knowledge in every domain to nail a job in the same domain.

Cloud technology is also included in this program. Almost all data is present on the cloud these days as carrying USBs has turned out to be extinct. This course will also teach you enough to secure your application, the network, and even the cloud.

Assurance of placement: On the completion of this course, candidates are provided with opportunities to participate in placement drives and bag a job at the biggest companies or startups.

Industrial learning: This program ensures that candidates perform well in the industry as soon as they join as a fresher which is why an ‘industrial training’ model is included in this course. Candidates will be given similar situations that are faced by actual professionals in this domain during the duration of this course.

Industrial experts as faculty members: Get trained by the experts in the ethical hacking and the cybersecurity industry.

Project-based learning approach: This certification course in ethical hacking proceeds with extensive project-based assessments that help candidates analyze their strong and weak points allowing them to work on their negatives whilst consistently improving their strengths.

The program is designed for multiple certification tests: The curriculum is aimed to assist applicants in preparing for a variety of security certification tests, including CompTia Security+.

Get exclusive access to iLabs: Candidates will receive access to iLabs, allowing them to strengthen their problem-solving skills by finding a resolution to a variety of cybersecurity problems available on the platform.

Resume Building: All candidates will be assisted with designing or updating their existing CV which will surely make their resume stand out from the rest.

Mock Interviews: All candidates are prepared for real interviews through the conduction of mock interviews ensuring that they have the best experience in real-world interviews.


Cybersecurity and ethical hacking are amongst the most sought careers in the present and will continue to be in the future as all information is digitalized and the exchange of data is one of the primary means of communication in this decade.

With this postgraduate program in cybersecurity by Imarticus Learning and the EC Council, a complete revamp in your ethical hacking career is promised. The search for ethical hacking online training comes to an end with this certification.

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