10 Best Books About Investment Banking!

Investment banking books

The Investment Banking Landscape

Investment banking has been one of the most essential industries in modern-day capitalist society. It has always been an important integration of the banking and finance sector given the role it plays. So what makes the investment banking industry so indispensable?

Well, the functions of an investment bank make it a crucial part of the economy. The primary function of the investment banks includes efficiently channeling funds in the economy by leveraging their large network and expertise.

The efficient channeling of funds is just a broader view of what9+ the investment banks do regularly. There are a whole lot of services that the investment banks offer, from underwriting to advisory, the purview of investment banks extends beyond imagination in the financial domain. The high-paying jobs in the investment banking industry make it a lucrative career prospect.

An investment banking course will surely help those aspiring for a job in this sector. However, people who are keen on learning the intricacies often also read books related to investment banking. Investment banking books provide a deeper insight into the functioning of the industry and gives a new perspective on things.

Here is a list of some of the most interesting investment banking books if you want to add some value to your investment banking knowledge base.

  1. One Up on Wall Street
    One Up on Wall Street is considered an evergreen book for investment banking. It is written by Peter Lynch, an investor, mutual fund manager, and philanthropist. He successfully managed the Magellan Fund at Fidelity Investments between the years 1977 to 1990. It gives a very plain and simple approach to investing and removes all the unnecessary complexities in the process.
  2. Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions
    The second in this list is a book by Joshua Rosenbaum & Joshua Pearl. If you are looking to find easy explanations for the complex technical jargon of the investment banking industry, this book will surely help you in every aspect. It takes a holistic approach to explain the investment banking industry.
  3. The Business of Venture Capital
    A lot of investment banking is all about raising funds for companies from venture capitalists. This exemplary book by Mahendra Ramsinghani throws light on the essentials of raising funds, structuring deals, value addition, and exit strategies. It’s highly recommended if you want to obtain deeper insights into Venture Capital.
  4. Investment Banking for Dummies
    Matthew Krantz and Robert Johnson have meticulously put together the concepts of investment banking in their masterpiece. It explains the fundamentals of banking concepts and their real-world applications, it is one of the best books if you are just starting with your investment banking journey.
  5. Investment Banking: Institutions, Politics & Law
    This book is written by Alan Morrison and William Wilhelm Jr. It traces the history of investment banking and gives a fresh perspective for those who want to learn about the fundamentals of investment banking and its origin.
  6. The Best Book On Investment Banking Careers
    If you want to cut the chase and know about careers in the investment banking domain then this book will surely clear the air. It is beautifully put together by Donna Khalife. The author sheds light on the basics of investment banking and the job roles in this domain.
  7. The Accidental Investment Banker
    The Accidental Investment Banker is authored by Jonathan A Knee. It gives an insider’s perspective on the investment banking industry from the 90s when the dot com bust had disrupted the investment banking sector. It creates an interesting story about an investment banking episode.
  8. The Business of Investment Banking
    K. Thomas Liaw is the author of this insightful book on investment banking. It takes a fresh perspective on the global investment banking industry and covers everything from underwriting to M&A and other functions of investment banking in the modern-day capitalist society.
  9. Financial Modelling and Valuation
    This book provides deeper insights into the basics of financial modeling and valuation techniques. It is written by Paul Pignataro who guides on making accurate stock valuations with the help of financial modeling techniques.
  10. Investment Banking Explained
    This masterpiece gives deep insights into how Investment banking works and an insider’s perspective on this industry. It is authored by Michael Fleuriet.

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