10 Advantages Of Using Game-Based Learning In Employee Onboarding Solutions

10 Advantages Of Using Game-Based Learning In Employee Onboarding Solutions

Today, it is not enough to have an employee onboarding program; finding the best employee onboarding training solutions is also crucial, as they impact the employee-employer relationship. Since employee-employer relation is the key to the company's success, having a well-planned onboarding program is a must.

The question arises: how do we know that a company is using the best tools for their employee onboarding training solutions? If an onboarding program uses game-based learning solutions, it likely has the best delivery tools.

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Game-based learning has become very important in training programs. With the growth in tools like virtual reality and augmented reality, employees can get a training program that is a very close simulation of reality. Game-based learning solutions tap into modern technology and make it easier for employees to reskill and upskill.

Game-based learning solutions programs for employees are a blessing for hybrid and remote offices. With game-based learning, those working from home can experience the culture, values, and ecosystem of the company. Gaming reduces the learning curve of an employee, It delivers higher and faster output for the company, enabling the firm to save on employee training capital.

Key Facts about Employee Onboarding

  • A survey by McKinsey & Company showed that employees look for trust, unity, and purpose from their employers. This can be raised by using sound employee onboarding training solutions.
  • As per Harvard Business Review, an onboarding program increases employee retention by 50%.
  • A Gallup study showed that even in a developed market like the US, only 12% of companies design an onboarding journey that appeals to employees.
  • As per Gallup, only 29% of new hires feel confident to work their job after the onboarding.

In all, we can say that onboarding is crucial for managing talent. Given the low performance of companies in this aspect, fresh tools like game-based learning solutions must be used.

10 Advantages of Game-Based Learning Solutions in Employee Onboarding

The key benefits of game-based learning solutions programs for employees help understand why corporates are using them.

  • Game-based learning provides a learning experience that is a close simulation of reality.
  • Compared with slide decks and lectures, it is more engaging for the audience.
  • For those who work remotely, it makes them feel like they are a part of the company.
  • Many employees do not like to learn by reading, so they must be provided with something visually engaging.
  • As game-based solutions enable quicker learning, employees show higher output faster. So, companies get better returns on their investment in their people.
  • Game-based learning leaves fewer gaps in communication than slide presentations.
  • It allows for easy dialogue between trainers and game players.
  • A game is built carefully and responsibly using valid knowledge.
  • Scores and rewards can be built into the program. So, participants feel driven when they see good scores.
  • Game-based learning solution programs for employees help them learn better by role-playing. It makes them more confident in doing their job.

Imarticus Learning and Gamification

Imaritcus Learning is a pioneer in employee onboarding training solutions. It blends new technologies into its programs once they are found to be effective. It adopts game-based learning solutions in employee onboarding and offers corporates the best tools for their programs. Imarticus understands the value of onboarding solutions, as it affects employee retention and output.


Game-based learning solutions offer enriching onboarding programs. They have many benefits for corporate houses that seek the best onboarding experience for their employees.

Gamification in training is all about fusing the latest tools with learning. Imarticus has been at the forefront of providing the best tools to its clients by including game-based learning solutions in its employee training programs.

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