The Power Of Game-Based Learning (GBL) In Enterprise

The Power Of Game-Based Learning (GBL) In Enterprise

Games stir motivation and enthusiasm in people. The challenges posed by the game are engaging. This is true for the instant response and feedback as well. The model of challenge-response-feedback in games has inspired learners. GBL is enjoyable and effective.

State of the industry

As per Global Market Insights, the GBL solutions market is growing at a 15% consolidated average growth rate (CAGR). This market will touch USD 50 billion in 5 years.

Metaverse is quickly evolving as a new-age GBL platform. It will take the 2D internet surfing and learning experience to the next level. Learning will be an immersive 3D experience in virtual-reality spaces.

Gartner predicts that enterprises will use "serious games" for employee training. They will do this by simulating tasks. By 2025, the use of the Metaverse for game-based learning solution programs for employees will grow at 25% CAGR.

Impact of game-based learning on enterprises

Game-based learning solutions enhance learning experiences. Notable benefits of GBL are:

  • Enhanced memory use and retention.
  • Agile thinking for problem-solving.
  • Improved hand-eye coordination.
  • Skill-building using experiential training simulations.
  • Increased fluency in modern technology.

Firms can use the growing application of technology for GBL solutions. Here are examples of real-world applications:

  • Simulation of medical emergencies. These will train and test medical professionals in a risk-free, virtual world.
  • Operator training for industrial man-machine interfacing tasks. Examples include training for wind turbine technicians. Pilots or nuclear plant maintenance operators can avail of the same training.
  • Customer onboarding solutions. They familiarise and train customers to install, operate, and maintain equipment

The benefits of game-based learning solution programs for employees and customers are:

  • They enhance engagement and participation.
  • They reduce costs. Risks and time associated with real-world training also decrease.
  • They improve learning retention.
  • They help test skills. Tracking performance and reskilling/upskilling also happen.

How are we going to help you?

With Imarticus Game Studio, firms can upskill their employees. GBL will train them to develop critical and operational skills. This will be done using simulations. Imarticus uses an immersive learning environment with GBL. The environment uses teaching tools. It ensures that the GBL solutions by Imarticus deliver effective training.

Here is how the Imarticus game-based learning solutions program for employees helps:

Immersive engagement

Learning in a virtual environment simulates reality. It is a lot more compared with traditional learning. This achieves 3.5x the engagement.

Experiential tasks

Experiential training and problem-solving improve retention by over 80%.


Training of team members in a simulated environment on collaborative tasks.


GBL can be used to reskill and upskill individuals. It is used to improve their task performance and execution.

Performance tracking

Technology helps trainers to give real-time feedback during training. This aids individuals to instantly re-learn by using feedback.


Game-based solutions by Imarticus provide 24x7 access to the content. This allows self-learning at the employee's convenience.

Why choose us?

HR heads are under pressure to conduct result-oriented training. Over 65% of Fortune 500 companies trust Imarticus Learning to train/upskill employees. We have over 13,500 users. With Imarticus, managers can rest assured of results.


Game-based learning solutions for firms provide effective simulated training. They combine two things. People's intrinsic motivation to engage with immersive technology. GBL solutions programs for employees give a higher return on training investments. Imarticus Learning gives cutting-edge GBL experience to firms. HR heads can rest assured of training results with Imarticus. The serious business of training will become an engaging experience for employees. It will upskill teams. It will also help them stay ahead of the curve.

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