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Postgraduate Certificate in

Senior Leadership

Batch - 6
Unleash Leadership Excellence and Redefine Success
Program Duration
12 months
Program Mode of Learning
Live Online + Campus Immersion
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Xavier School of Management

Introducing The Postgraduate Certificate in Senior Leadership

This 12-month Postgraduate Certificate in Senior Leadership programme is suited for professionals who wish to excel in senior management roles. With a curriculum rooted in real-world challenges and insights, this programme offers hands-on skill development. Participants enrolling in this programme will delve into strategic thinking, corporate value creation, digital transformation, conflict management, and cultivating high-performance teams. In all the course will empower professionals to lead confidently and competently in today's fast-paced and competitive corporate world.

Leadership Transformation Journey

Leadership Transformation Journey

This senior leadership course equips participants with an inside perspective on the day-to-day functioning of business activities. It comprehensively explains dimensions like strategy, sustainability, and digital transformation that are intrinsic to the senior leadership role.

Aquire New Age Skills

Aquire New Age Skills

Attend sessions on conflict resolution, fostering innovation, shaping dynamic cultures etc in order to become a transformational leader. Discover and acquire new-age skills needed to lead the organisation confidently in current times.

Industry Expert Guidance

Industry Expert Guidance

This XLRI senior leadership program will connect you with industry stalwarts who are familiar with the industry's standards and best practices and one who has a keen understanding of emerging trends in the domain.

Practical Exposure With Real World Projects

Practical Exposure With Real World Projects

The curriculum led learning experience will be enriched with real-world projects and case studies to ensure that concepts are understood and practically applied to industry scenarios

Integrated Learning Experience

Integrated Learning Experience

The XLRI senior leadership course offers an integrated learning experience. It includes on-campus and virtual classroom sessions. During the course, participants will get an opportunity to network and interact with their peers and other like-minded individuals.

XLRI's Prestigious Certification

XLRI's Prestigious Certification

Post-completion of the course, you will receive XLRI's Senior Leadership Certificate. Additionally, you also get to be a part of a robust alumni network.

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Why Join Our Program?

Visionary Strategist

Effective Communicator

Adaptive Leader

Empathetic Influence

Innovative Problem-Solver

Decisive Collaborator

Alumni Status

Your XLRI alumni status grants access to a vibrant professional network and provides continued learning opportunities, networking events, and exclusive privileges supporting your professional growth and development.

Below are some of the Key highlights:

Network Access:
  • Participate in alums meets, chapters, and networking events
  • Receive program-related information and newsletters regularly
Lifelong Network Access:
  • Enjoy lifelong access to XLRI's extensive alumni network
  • Stay updated with alumni events and engage in networking opportunities
Program Discounts:
  • Avail discounts on various programs offered through the VIL platform as per the institute's

Why Choose XLRI for Strengthening Your Skills?

Why choose XLRI Senior Leadership Program
Why choose XLRI Senior Leadership Program


XLRI, India's premier management institution established in 1949, champions exceptional leadership qualities. Its pioneering legacy fosters a relentless pursuit of excellence encapsulated in the MAGIS philosophy. As the oldest management school, XLRI shapes visionary leaders, propelling its enduring legacy of leadership.

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Xavier School of Management

Learning Experience

Practical Application Emphasis
Practical Application Emphasis
Get immersive learning experience through case studies and real-world projects, applying theories to practical scenarios.
Industry-Driven Insights
Industry-Driven Insights
Avail access to industry experts and current market insights, ensuring relevance and applicability in professional settings.
Leadership Skill Development
Leadership Skill Development
Learn the cultivation of essential leadership qualities through tailored modules and experiential learning.
Global Perspective
Global Perspective
Get exposure to diverse perspectives and a global outlook, fostering adaptability in a dynamic business landscape.

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Program Curriculum

We blend XLRI's leadership education expertise with Imarticus competence in providing learners with future-focused programs emphasising senior leadership.

Cultivate leadership skills, understand market dynamics, and refine communication for effective leadership foundations.


Anchors of leadership

Dynamics of markets

Leadership communication

Foster sustainability principles, amplify corporate value, and develop strategic foresight for enhanced leadership direction.


Building a responsible organisation: Sustainability and ethics

Creating corporate value

Strategic thinking for leadership growth

Establish streamlined structures, align HR strategies, ensure governance, mitigate risks, leverage digital shifts, and foster cohesive, high-performing teams for organisational success.


Organisational structure and HR alignment

Corporate governance

Enterprise risk management

Digital transformation

Creating high-performance teams

Master conflict resolution, negotiation finesse, drive innovative culture and spearhead transformative change for organisational evolution.


Conflict management and negotiations

Business turn-around management

Corporate culture, creativity and innovation

Programme Certification

Post completion of the programme, you will gain a PG certificate for Senior Leadership Programme from XLRI.

PG certificate for Senior Leadership Programme from XLRI
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Admission Process

Program Fee

₹ 4,20,000 + GST

Instalments Schedule


Application Fee (Non-refundable)

Rs. 3000 + GST

1st Instalment (within 15 days of result declaration)

₹ 95,000 + GST

2nd Instalment

₹ 95,000 + GST

3rd Instalment

₹ 95,000 + GST

4th Instalment

₹ 95,000 + GST

5th Instalment

₹ 40,000 + GST


About the Programme

The senior leadership course offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored to empower mid to senior-level professionals aspiring for leadership roles. It focuses on strategic thinking, innovative approaches, and essential leadership skills required to function in dynamic business environments.

    Successful completion requires active participation in lectures, assignments, case studies, and evaluations. Participants must meet the requisite attendance and evaluation criteria to be eligible for the programme's completion certificate conferred by XLRI.

      Corporate nominations of five or more participants may be eligible for special discounts on the programme fee. Discounts are determined based on the number of nominations and are offered at the institute's discretion.

        Prepare for a transformative journey! Our curriculum seamlessly integrates synchronous and asynchronous learning, immersing you in impactful case studies, collaborative sessions, and enlightening masterclasses led by industry experts. Gain invaluable practical insights and learn to navigate the dynamic leadership scenarios across diverse industries, that will further shape you into an agile and visionary leader poised for success.


            Applicants must possess a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent (10+2+3/4) with at least eight years of post-qualification work experience in managerial roles. Relevant experience and managerial acumen are highly valued.

              Admission involves a thorough assessment of applications, including resumes and statements of purpose, by the XLRI admissions team. Selection is based on professional achievements, leadership potential, and the commitment to learning.


                The programme fees are structured for installment payments. For specific inquiries regarding loans or financial assistance, please contact our counseling team for guidance on available options and support.

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