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Live online + Campus immersion
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Introducing The Postgraduate Certificate in Business Analytics

This 12-month comprehensive Postgraduate Certificate in Business Analytics is a direct pathway to a dynamic career, offering long-term success in an increasingly data-centric business landscape. The dynamic curriculum is accurately designed to cover all 4 parts of analytics i.e. Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive analytics. The course equips professionals with the right knowledge, skills, and tools to help them develop a data-driven decision-making approach, further opening pathways for greater leadership roles. So enroll in the postgraduate certificate for a strategic skill set, global recognition, and a future of high-impact career.

AICTE Approved Program

AICTE Approved Program

Upon completion, receive a recognised PG Certificate in Business Analytics from XLRI, endorsed by AICTE. This is the only AICTE-approved analytics program in the industry. This also enables learners to enroll for this program without GST

XLRI’s prestigious Alumni Status

XLRI’s prestigious Alumni Status

Join a prestigious alumni network of 14,000+ professionals making an impact globally. Unlike others executive Alumni status, this program offers XLRI’s prestigious alumni status

Real-world AI projects

Real-world AI projects

Enhance your business analytics proficiency with 6 AI projects tackling projects in industries like healthcare, operations and supply chain, marketing, finance, etc. Gain practical mastery through real-world project-solving.

Top Faculties from premium institutes

Top Faculties from premium institutes

Engage with experienced XLRI, IIT, and IIM faculties on weekends. Benefit from lectures, case discussions, exercises, and personalized mentorship. Gain insights beyond the textbook for the modern analytics landscape.

Weekend Live Lectures and Campus Immersion

Weekend Live Lectures and Campus Immersion

The program features interactive pedagogy with live sessions and 5 days of campus immersion. The timings for the live lecture are Saturday from 06.30 p.m. to 09.30 p.m. IST and Sunday from 03.00 p.m. to 06.00 p.m. IST.

Analyse the Past and Predict the Future

Analyse the Past and Predict the Future

Gain expertise in all four types of data analysis: Descriptive (understanding what happened), Diagnostic (discovering why it happened), Predictive (anticipating what will happen), and Prescriptive (determining what should be done). These analytical approaches will help you examine the past datasets and formulate future courses of action

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Why Join a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Analytics?

Problem Solving and Analytical Skills

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

Machine Learning and Text Mining

Predictive Analytics

Critical Thinking

Business Acumen

Why Choose XLRI for Strengthening Your Skills?

Why Choose XLRI
Why Choose XLRI

About XLRI

XLRI, India's premier management institution established in 1949, champions exceptional leadership qualities. Its pioneering legacy fosters a relentless pursuit of excellence encapsulated in the MAGIS philosophy. As the oldest management school, XLRI shapes visionary leaders, propelling its enduring legacy of leadership.

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Curriculum Highlights

This programme blends XLRi Jamshedpur's expertise in education with Imarticus' competence in providing learners with future-focused, outcome-oriented learning experiences.

Master the tools of Business Analytics! This module dives into R, Python & Excel for data analysis, and modeling.


Introduction to R

Introduction to Python

Spreadsheet Modelling using Excel

This module explores descriptive statistics and data visualization to uncover trends, patterns & insights. Learn to transform raw data into clear & compelling visuals


Making sense of data through various data visualisation methods and descriptive statistics.

Equip yourself with the power of statistics! This module explores probability, sampling, inference & hypothesis testing to transform data into actionable business knowledge


Introduction to probability modelling

Basics of statistical sampling

Statistical inference

Hypothesis testing

Predict the future! This module explores regression models (linear, binary, & more) to forecast trends, analyze relationships, and make data-driven decisions


Linear regression models

Binary and count data regression models

Generalised regression models

Inference with regression models and model selection

Unearth hidden patterns! This module dives into data mining techniques like anomaly detection, association rules, and clustering to extract insights & make predictions from vast datasets


Data Analytics Life Cycle

Anomaly Detection

Association Rule Learning (Dependency Modelling)

Principal Component Analysis (PCA)


Learn from data like a pro! This module explores Machine Learning with algorithms like Neural Networks for advanced predictions & insights


Neural Networks

Multilayer Perceptron (MLP)

Support Vector Machines (SVM)

Nearest Neighbour Algorithms (KNN)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Unleash the power of text! This module explores NLP to extract meaning from documents. Learn information retrieval, tagging, and pattern recognition to mine insights from text data


Information Retrieval

Lexical Analysis

Pattern Recognition



Information Extraction

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Apply analytics to power your domain! This course explores customer behavior, campaign performance & social media insights to drive data-driven marketing strategies and HR analytics to improve talent acquisition, employee performance & workforce planning


Marketing & Digital Media Analytics OR Finance Analytics (Any 1)

HR Analytics OR Operations & Supply Chain Management (Any 1)

Optimize your decisions! This module uses simulation & optimization techniques (LP Simplex, GRG, & Evolutionary) to find the best course of action for complex business problems


LP Simplex

GRG and Evolutionary using Excel Solver


This module explores managing massive datasets, Hadoop processing, real-time analytics & recommender systems to unlock big data's potential


Data Management in the Big Data Era

Concept of Hadoop

Data Stream Analytics

Recommender System, etc.

See the future of your business! This module explores time series analysis: visualizing trends, decomposing data, and building models to forecast future outcomes


Visualisation of time series data

Time series decomposition

Time series models and their applications

Will I Get Certified?

Post completion of the programme, you will gain a PG certificate in Business Analytics from XLRI, which is approved by AICTE.

XLRI PG Certificate In Business Analytics
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Admission Process

Program Fee

₹ 4,03,000

Instalments Schedule


Application fee

₹ 3,000

1st Installment

₹ 90,000

2nd Installment

₹ 90,000

3rd Installment

₹ 90,000

4th Installment

₹ 90,000

5th Installment

₹ 40,000


About The Program

The 1-year Postgraduate Certificate in Business Analytics by XLRI provides the perfect base for professionals to master the art of analytics. The programme offers in-depth knowledge of business analytics techniques and frameworks and their application in business decisions. The scope of business analytics can be broken into four main areas i.e. Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics. In a nutshell, it is the simultaneous application of statistics, computer programming and operations research to achieve the required outcome.

    Successful completion requires active participation in lectures, assignments, case studies, and evaluations. Participants must meet attendance and evaluation criteria to be eligible for the programme's completion certificate conferred by XLRI. Here is the criteria: To qualify for a Certificate of Successful Completion, the following criteria need to be fulfilled:

    • Each participant is expected to have 80% & above attendance for each course
    • In the event that attendance to the live lectures falls below 50% for any given course, participants will be required to repeat the course
    • COPM (Cumulative Overall Percentage of Marks), 50% and above

    Corporate nominations of five or more participants may be eligible for special discounts on the programme fee. Discounts are determined based on the number of nominations offered at the institute's discretion.

      Prepare for a transformative journey! Our curriculum seamlessly integrates synchronous and asynchronous learning, immersing you in impactful case studies, collaborative sessions, and enlightening masterclasses led by industry experts. Gain invaluable practical insights and learn to navigate the dynamic leadership scenarios across diverse industries, that will further shape you into an agile and visionary leader poised for success.


        • The selection process includes validation of academic performance, work experiences, submission of a Statement of Purpose (SOP) while filling the application form and the performance in the interview.
        • For International Participants - Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognised University or Institution in their respective country.
        • Minimum 1 year of work experience.
        • The selection process includes validation of academic performance, work experiences, submission of a Statement of Purpose (SOP) while filling the application form and the performance in the interview.
        • Based on the Online interaction with the XLRI faculties

        About the Fees

        Please get in touch with our counsellors for more information.

          Admission involves a thorough assessment of applications, including resumes and statements of purpose, by the XLRI admissions team. Selection is based on professional achievements, leadership potential, and a commitment to learning.


            The programme fees are structured for installment payments. For specific inquiries regarding loans or financial assistance, please contact our counseling team for guidance on available options and support.

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