Placements Special: Dress to Impress

November 25, 2017
Placements Special: Dress to Impress

In this series, we at Imarticus Learning give you tips and tricks to land your dream job in Investment Banking.

You may contrast your tie to your shirt perfectly, but the shine of your shoes or lack thereof might be the only thing your recruiters notice. Dressing up for an interview is not rocket science. So why then do so many of us get it wrong?

Truth is the very first impression you make when you walk into an interview is with your appearance. Recruiters who have been screening candidates all day long form a certain opinion of you the minute they see you walk in and then spend the rest of the interview confirming their impressions or changing them entirely.

Keep these tips handy to make the right impression from the word, “Enter”!


1. Make sure your hair is neat and tidy. Don’t overdo the hair gel. You don’t want your interviewers distracted by the light reflecting off your locks.

2. Try to wear minimal jewellery. Keep your gold chain tucked into your shirt, and wear a watch that is plain and simple – black or silver straps.

3. A long sleeve shirt is just the thing to make an impression. Go with a solid, sober colour – white, grey, or blue – with a nice tie to match. Remember, if your shirt has stripes or checks, make sure your tie is solid, and vice versa.

4. Wear a pair of trousers that fit well – as in neither too loose or too tight.

5. Wear black socks with professional shoes that have been polished to the tee.


1. Wash your hair on the day of the interview. Make sure it’s neat and stays down if you want to keep it open. Otherwise, tie it back with a rubber band and hold the stray strands together with flicks. A little hairspray to keep it together may not be such a bad idea.

2. Make sure your shirt is well ironed and tucked into your trousers or skirt.

3. Keep your jewellery minimal and simple. Interviewers don’t want to get distracted by large colourful earrings or rings.

4. Make sure your skirt/trousers fit you well – not too snug, not too loose.

5. Never wear slippers to an interview. Wear heels, or if you insist, a sober brown or black pair of ballet flats.

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